Home office fail underwear man hits the wall.
Submitted by ant
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Looks staged to me but I have ICS (Internet Cynicism Syndrome). Maybe she actually did fill half her webcam frame with the room behind her and he just sauntered in to fill that empty space. And maybe his slapstick staggering after running into the wall was real.
written by ulysses1904

Does look totally staged, especially because he's holding a cup like it's full then tips it over and nothing spills out.

Funny still.
written by lucky760

I have been made aware of someone Zoom conferencing in their bedroom when their wife walked out naked after a shower and then hit the floor when she realized that the entire office was on the call.

And--on Wednesday, some one on a call I was on turned off their video and then---went, LOUDLY, to the bathroom and flushed the toilet.

No one called them out.
written by SFOGuy

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