George W. oopsie regarding Ukraine.. Iraq invasion
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A find it interesting that after correcting himself and saying Ukraine, he then says Iraq too.
written by eric3579

*comedy *fail *wtf
written by ant

Adding video to channels (Comedy, Fail, Wtf) - requested by ant.
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War crimes are pretty funny.
written by eoe

Well as crimes go, they are the funniest kind.

I edited the comment. Hoping this works for you.
written by eric3579

sometimes the truth reveals itself at the most unexpected moments.

but it wasn't wholly one man that launch the [redacted] war against Saddam. it was the work of many.

SIDEBAR: recall during those times, the administration tried five 'slogans' to sell the war. wasn't until WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION (WMDs) that they found a 'winner'.

Colin Powell forever gave up his chance at the US Presidency when he tried to sell the UN on the idea. Remember it well. Watch it live, at work, with w/boss. We saw nothing to warrant a war.

Remember it well, indeed. Hunter S. Thompson was a guest on Letterman the following night and said something to the effect of "you couldn't get a search warrant for a known mobster's house w/that kind of evidence". (have looked on YouTube for it but can't find it)

Also, remember Angela Merkel saying she couldn't ask her people to go war w/info given. A comedian remarked later that when you can't Germany to agree to invade a country - there has to be something terribly wrong w/the idea.

Sadly, this was the moment the Republicans must have believed they could sell any lie, anytime, anywhere, about anything.

They might be correct.
written by luxintenebris

Gives the “Mission Accomplished” banner a new meaning…perhaps they meant the mission of making their electorate so fearful and stupid that they would buy any excuse for any atrocity without question. It certainly makes much more sense looked at that way.
written by newtboy

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