George Carlin On Conservatives
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sending soldiers to war
executing prisoners
or spreading viruses

the Right does believe
in abortion
late-term abortions or
more accurately...

really late, late, term abortions
written by luxintenebris

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If you find yourself in strong opposition to George Carlin on most topics, you need to do some serious self reflection.
written by TheFreak

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written by siftbot

George Carlin would be cancelled by the woke left if he was still alive today.
written by TangledThorns

Odd, then why is he still revered by the left today? His message and inappropriateness hasn’t changed because he’s dead.


Regan would be cancelled by the catatonic right, he’s not racist or vindictive or anti America enough for the Trumpist crowd and their cancel culture.
written by newtboy

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