Game of Thrones Season 8 Pitch Meeting
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A spot on review of season 8 GOT
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I truly believe D&D rehearsed their future Star Wars project techniques for Disney while finishing Season 8 - Story be damned!

What we got is medieval storm trooper fights and minimalist conversation full of non-sequitur in what once was a wonderful tapestry of political backstabbing and intrigue.

God damn it!
written by MonkeySpank

This video really does sum up my feelings about Season 8.

I was mostly okay with the first half of Season 8 and could even give the writers a pass for only spending one episode on the battle of Winterfell and the Night King's destruction but...everything after that? Complete shit. I mean, Rhaegal getting shot not once, but twice, by scorpions from the "hidden" Iron Fleet, from what looked like a million miles away, was utter nonsense and only done for shock value. Unlike when the Night King killed Viserion, which was actually moving, Rhaegal's death was pointless and made no sense. For one, how could Dany not see all those ships from up there? Furthermore, it'd be ridiculously hard to hit a fly target, twice in a row, from that distance. Ugh.

The biggest misstep in my opinion was turning Dany into a villain. Her character was one of the more interesting of the series as she went from being a naïve slave, to a fighter, a mother, and ultimately became a champion of the people. She was a strong female character with mostly good, if somewhat flawed, intentions. While her drive to claim the Iron Throne and unite Westeros could be seen as warmongering, she certainly didn't deserve to be portrayed as a mad tyrant. That just seemed forced.

Then we have: Bran the Broken and Jon's banishment to the Night's Watch. What the hell? Everything in the finale seemed so forced and discarded a lot character development established in previous seasons. The last two episodes of season 8 were just really disappointing.
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Adding video to channels (Wtf) - requested by ant.
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Funny because it's true.

Sad because it's true.
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