Funny Wedding Moments - The Huddle
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If I'm the bride I'd tackle him right then and there
written by cloudballoon

Almost sounds like a fantasy. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
written by BSR

While I was grade 9, I tackled a fellow 2 years my senior (G11), he must be 5~6 inches taller than me (me being 5'6" in my adulthood, while he was one of the tallest in school, though not muscular), I dislocated his shoulder TWICE, during practices. First time he was hospitalized for 4 days, the second time was kind of funny. When I dislocated his shoulder again (with an audible "pop"), the guy next to me floored him and put his shoulder back in place (with an audible "click/sploosh"-y sound, hard to describe). Obviously he was in pain, and was twisting and tossing himself, but when the pain subsided a little bit and opened his eyes and saw me just standing there, he screamed "you again!?" All I could do was thinking of those Mel Gibson "dislocating shoulder" scenes in the Lethal Weapons movies.

So, it's not about size, really, it's to know where & how to tackle a big boi.
written by cloudballoon

written by TangledThorns

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