Fox Talks About FBI Raid Looking For Classified Documents
Submitted by newtboy
Fox News talking about Hillary but make the footage the Trump raid and it makes sense.
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republicans gonna bring that same big dick energy to this one?! LOL nope. hypocrites the whole bunch of em.
written by surfingyt

okay, jack...

my father use to say, "Get it from the horse's mouth, and if lies, he's a damn thin horse."

These people are so thick, and darkly biased, that they have become transparent. Easier to see through than the Fanta Flusher frequent fibs.

So useless as factual information providers, they inadvertently provide what is NOT to be taken seriously: thus becoming useful by sin then theory. Like a windsock that points in the opposite direction of the wind.

Geezus. Head so far up their butts you'd think they'd see daylight soon.
written by luxintenebris

The Flat Earth Society has members around the world
written by BSR

Good Vid -- points out how Dems do things and nothing happens to them.

written by bobknight33

bewb admitting Trump did things and something is going to happen to him was a surprise

Imagine going to jail for a law you signed off on. From a search authorized by the FBI director you selected. Signed by a judge you installed. Someone inside your house tipped what and where to find it. Your secret service agents let them in. LOLLLLL
written by surfingyt

Good comment. Points out how cultists don’t let facts get in the way of their accusations no matter what, no matter how many partisan and bipartisan committees and government agencies clear her, no matter how many hundreds of millions are wasted repeatedly investigating the same things over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over….finding nothing at all, nada, zip, zilch, nothing burgers royal with cheese.

What “things” did “Dems” do? They didn’t steal classified documents…although Republicans accused them of it and held numerous hearings which Dems participated and testified in…and were cleared. They didn’t expose top secret information, although republicans accused them of it and held multiple hearings that Dems participated and testified in…and were cleared. They didn’t refuse to turn over those stolen, unsecured state secrets for 6 months (because they never stole any).

You’re so delusional you still chant “lock her up” but don’t have a clue for what anymore, and chant “nothing burger” when Trump admits to the exact crimes you accused Clinton of but then exonerated her of because the accusations were false.

Not watching one second of that idiot blowhard Gutfeld….I’m dumber for having read his name, he’s such an information vacuum that just mentioning him makes a person less informed. No surprise he’s a trusted source for you…like Beck and Jones…all admitted liars and frauds that lie for your money…and you eat it up like poo pie….just begging for more turd tarts.
written by newtboy


written by newtboy

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