Florida Man Brings Knife To Gunfight
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I see two idiots here, one has a knife and the other just had to stop and confront the guy who cut him off. Because that always ends well.
written by 00Scud00

So a man armed with a gun says he was cut off and that's why he followed the guy an escalated the situation. I guess this ended as good as it could considering it was florida.
written by C-note

Nothing indicated the riders changed their route to follow the guy who cut them off (incredibly dangerous if you’re the bikers in that situation)…when you get cut off, you end up following the person who cut you off unless you just pull over to cry.

“When both men (and the woman) eventually stopped” (at a stop sign? The truck was in front…it was smart to not go around him, it’s not smart to put yourself in front of a raging out of control driver, especially as a rider).
“Rivera stepped out of his truck holding a knife.” Who escalated?

I’m hard pressed to understand how you think the motorcycle escalated the situation considering the circumstances. He was cut off, the truck in front stopped, the crazed man got out brandishing a knife and trying to use it. The rider didn’t pull a weapon until he was actually attacked. He could have legally shot Rivera dead in Florida. I thought he showed great restraint. The police clearly thought the rider had done nothing wrong.
written by newtboy

written by ant

Adding video to channels (News) - requested by ant.
written by siftbot

Too bad neither bothered to bring a once of sense, self-control, or a gram of grey matter to the meeting.

Have too many tales to tell of seemly suicidal motorcyclists. Almost got one. Just missed. Happy that I did. Found no point in stopping to ask him to thank me.
written by luxintenebris

Would the biker get into that situation if he didn't have a gun? Probably no. Probably would've act like a sensible person and just rode off.
written by mxxcon

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