Fed charges four officers in death of Breonna Taylor
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Charging them means little, only reaching a guilty verdict matters. Way too often it's just more heartache to the victim's family because Bad Apples get away again and again from justice for a millionth times!

Oh, EVEN if they DO go to jail, wanna bet how soon the next Republican president (heck, maybe even a Dem prez) already had his pardon letter drafted?
written by cloudballoon

republicans are too stupid to remember something past a few days and their rage jumps from place to place like idiots swinging in the dark.

even if they do get jail time it will be a lot easier for these bad apples than everyone else in jail too. bootlickers.
written by surfingyt

What did the "dark" have to do with anything?
written by BSR

the whole breaking into to serve a warrant is fraught w/danger and sheer stupidity.

- go into a house, the occupants have the right to gun every intruder down. dead cops when one JW witness call could get the door open and layout scanned?
- how many in the home deserve the death penalty?
- should landlords be held liable too? shoot up the f'n' place! good call officer fife.

seems to be just lazy law enforcement. too fast, too uncertain, too inhumane. until they have inside agents clearing the house for innocents (even a dog) it's a desperate act of fools.

yeah. i know. but after reading how a cop carelessly discharged his weapon into the head of a sleeping child - no crime is worth another crime.
written by luxintenebris

I think that’s totally wrong….
For instance, stopping the murder of George Floyd was worth another crime of assaulting (or killing) a police officer. Avenging that murder was worth another crime against police….it still is. All 4 deserve to be killed with their offspring. No vendetta for them.

Police staging/preparing to shoot up another house also is worth another crime of deadly defense against the murderous gang members.
There are many crimes cops commit that are worth killing or disabling them…daily. They aren’t worthy of consideration and their lives are worthless so long as they cover for their criminal gang.

Conversely (and I think this is what you were saying), there is no crime a citizen committed in the past that excuses police committing murder…including murder. There’s no crime ever that excuses police shooting innocent bystanders, which they often do. As authorities, they have a much higher duty. As a murderous criminal gang, their lives have much lower value than real humans.
written by newtboy

yeah...it's the situation where a person doesn't burn down the house to get to the cockroaches...unless the house is condemned...and there are fire folks at the ready...and the vegetation isn't too dry...damn it...just want some sense when lives are in the balance.

where it'd be like shooting into a crowd to get a perp. akin to the recent event - where cops shot into a crowd to get a perp!
written by luxintenebris

Yes, shot 5 bystanders as I recall, then they had a press conference where they minimized by saying “some bystanders were injured during the arrest”, never mentioning it was only police who shot….and they shot directly into a crowd of bystanders.
This is why I despise police. They’re often much worse than the “criminals”, do more damage, and walk away without so much as a “sorry” for shooting 5 people, much less accountability….in fact I recall the same chief, after hiding the details failed, blaming the victims for being on the public sidewalk after dark (in a nightclub/bar area) when police opened fire without warning.

I’ve still NEVER seen this mythological “good apple”.
It’s maddening.
written by newtboy

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