Election Results 2020: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
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written by bobknight33

Just stop with your stupidity you fuckwit. You're so infantile, and it's the best you've got, one instance of Biden misspeaking, forgetting to say "anti", it's not like anyone could honestly be confused.
Trump hasn't uttered one proper sentence in 4+ years, and when he misspeaks it's things like publicly taking a foreign dictators word over the entire intelligence community, and he never rectified it, nor did he complain the same dictator put a bounty on our soldiers heads and paid it repeatedly...Trump's too whipped to even mention it.
Just so stupid Bob. Be ashamed of yourself.

I ask you, what did trump do to prepare to fight actual vote fraud (not imaginary frauds like illegals voting or people successfully voting two or more times) besides whine?
written by newtboy

He has no idea what you mean.
written by BSR

Whelp I guess Trump should have done a better job at dismantling "deep state" and "draining the swamp" instead of firing his own "best people".
written by wtfcaniuse

But his "best people", at least those not convicted of crimes against the nation, all became the anti Trump deep state after working for him....direct family members excepted.
written by newtboy

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