Do You Regret All Your Lying?
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written by newtboy

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written by siftbot

Pot calling the kettle black

The media has lied 24/7/365 since Trump won.
written by bobknight33

written by robdot

More like glass of weak tea calling the kettle black, buddy. Democrats and the mainstream media at it's worst aren't 1/10 the liars their far right extremist counterparts are.

Whataboutism based on pure lies and exaggerations by a repeatedly convicted con man and liar, the man you said has carte Blanche to lie whenever he pleases because only a moron tells the truth if it might hurt him, especially under oath.

Even if that were true, which it is absolutely not, the media is comprised of tens of millions of people worldwide.
Giving you the benefit of pretending to accept your lie, that makes Trump, all on his little lonesome, as big a liar as tens of millions of people you call monstrous liars combined.

Still unbelievably full of shit and incapable of honesty.

Lol....nationalreview, as a source?!? Too funny, Bob. About as biased as they come. If they applied the same standards to any trump speech it wouldn't say he lies repeatedly, it would say he lies constantly when he's even coherent....but they don't apply the same standards, do they. I bet they repeat Trump's new brother lie, another blatantly false and undeniably racist attack on a politician of color. He can't help himself. What a turd you gleefully follow into the sewer.
written by newtboy

Citing the National Review in an attempt to fact check. Fucking lol.
written by wtfcaniuse

Can I ask you an honest question: why back the Trump horse?

I'm assuming that as a conservative, there's things you want accomplished in government. At least, I think you do. I get the whole "some men just want to watch the world burn" deal, if that's your goal, but if you want something more substantial it doesn't seem like Trump is getting you there. Sure, it's fun to piss people off, but that shtick only goes so far. What have you really accomplished here? Hillary ain't locked up; Mexico ain't paying for the wall; the economy's in ruins and has been since September of 2019; China's ascendant and the trade deal is totally dead; Russia's more powerful than ever; our allies are alienated and American global prestige is in complete tatters; the Left is more invigorated than any time since the early 70s and the Right is so devoid of ideas or accomplishments that they're reduced to "Sleepy Joe" and trying to tar opponents as Communists as if it's suddenly 1952 again.

Literally, what did you win with Trump?
written by StukaFox

That all bob has these days, what a lame sad person.
written by Mystic95Z

You are just dumb enough to believe what you said aren't you...
written by Mystic95Z

a man w/a combover being asked about regret.

almost always on his mind.
written by luxintenebris

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