Conservatives VS KKK : Spot The Difference
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Nice to see you watch fox.

Here some more.
Democrats are the party of racism.

written by bobknight33

That’s your best? Disgraced failed conspiracy theorist and nut Bongino!?!?
Purveyor of multiple debunked conspiracies and failed Republican candidate?
The guy who said "My entire life right now is about owning the libs. That's it." You think he’s credible!?!
written by newtboy

The ole "I'm rubber, you're glue" defence.
written by BSR

written by bobknight33

written by bobknight33

written by bobknight33

written by bobknight33

this is great, little bewby boy is trigggggggered

hey bewb keep posting video after video that no one will ever watch. i love every second of your losing ways LOLZZZZ
written by surfingyt

Democrats just can't allow a Conservative black to succeed. Thats racist.

written by bobknight33

Oh poor triggered Bobby. Just can’t handle the blatant, obvious, undeniable truth.
The republicans are the party of David Duke, the KKK, neo Nazis, racist southerners, white Christian nationalism, “the Jews will not replace us”, Muslim bans, Latinos are rapists and murderers, etc. If someone is a racist, it’s a safe bet they’re a right wing nut too. Remember these right wing marchers?

Self centered ignorance likes self centered ignorance.

Yeah, Thomas has really been held back by Democrats for no reason besides his skin color, not because he’s a rapist, not because he’s a liar, not because he votes based on politics not law or the constitution, not because he supported a coup and lives with and still supports a treasonous designer of various far right ploys to steal power and end democracy.

You are such a silly, dishonest, disingenuous, delusional little triggered snowflake. As to your silly videos no one is watching, people know that racists often deny their racism in public. Most are too cowardly to accept the consequences of their position to be honest, and absolutely lose their shit when they’re outed.

This gets under your skin so badly because you KNOW it’s the truth, not some stupid silly plot to claim the parties are the same as they were 75 years ago in hopes readers are as ignorant as you pretend to be about the southern strategy when the right went hard racist to save themselves from extinction by courting voters no one wants to be associated with…thinking it’s better to compromise your morals and ethics than power. Trump is the pinnacle of that mindset.
written by newtboy

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