Congressman Matt Gaetz Snubbed by Trump Amid Growing Scandal
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One by one Trump's little bootlickers are falling. It is glorious.

Can't wait to see who is next in line.
written by surfingyt

just notice...

- that 'not-so' green women who had (at least) two affairs on her now re-united with husband
- jacket-less jordan who 'said' he didn't know (about sexual abuse) but those who said he did can quote his response(s) verbatim
- cruz who vacation in mexico while his state's people had to deal with an unnatural disaster

(overlook the conservative donors that gave jobs by getting hand-jobs, the university president that got fired for not having sex with w/his wife, or the ones responsible for the burning deaths of prom-goers) the lackluster news of a republican congressman paying for sex and doing illegal drugs ONLY makes the headlines because one of the contractors was underage...

this is not your dad's gop.

paleontologists don't have that many skeletons in their closets.
written by luxintenebris

In my 65 years I've only voted twice. Freshman year in HS I registered republican mainly because that's what my parents were.

The second time I voted as a democrat. I was inspired by Trump. He is a very inspiring man.
written by BSR

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