Climbing 700 m above the Abyss: Stairway to Heaven Austria
Submitted by Mordhaus
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In the close-up of the carabiners at 1:06, the gates are both facing in the same direction.

When we see them in use (e.g. 1:17 - 1:22, 1:30), they're facing in opposite directions - which, as I understand it, is the correct way to use them as it reduces the risk that an accident (e.g. a falling rock hit, a fall that suddenly stresses the safety line...) opens both at once.

I liked this video, but would have expected a high-safety culture not to show carabiners the wrong way around?
written by WmGn

That made me more nervous than watching the guy climbing the mountain with no ropes, free solo.
written by harriet

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