City of Akron responding to the shooting of Jayland Wlaker
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Another Justified bad guy stopped.

Few tips to stay alive. Simple and easy to put into practice.

Dont run from the cops.
Dont shoot your gun when cops are after you.

written by bobknight33

Funny how you say these rules don’t apply when it’s white right wing criminals….like the Bundys. When they get shot, armed, running from the cops after taking over federal property by force and shooting their guns when the cops were after them, you lose your shit at the murderous cops. Why? The only reasonable explanation I can see is because you are a hypocritical racist, it’s definitely not because Bundy posed less of a threat.
written by newtboy

Wrong is wrong and I've never deviated from that. You see the color of ones skin or outfit and judge.

I just see right and wrong.

You judge by color first.

Running from the cops and shooting you gun while flying and then get shot for you own actions is your own damn fault.

Me pointing it out is not racist or hypocritical .

You thinking it is makes you a narrow minded fool.

Did I back Bundy? Even with "government overreach" this should have been handled by the courts.

Newt, you really come off as a educated bitter little man. You must have been screwed over in you life to carry such a big chip on your shoulder.

I'm here for you. I can lead you to truth and understanding.
Step 1 Turn off all news and social media for 2 months.
Step 2 open you eyes to reality.
written by bobknight33

You absolutely deviate from that.
You never see wrong from Orange people, and rarely from white, but see nothing but wrong from darker skinned people.

You just see white and black and think it’s the same thing as right and wrong.

I don’t judge people by anything but actions….that leaves most people on my shit list, melanin levels have no bearing on that.

Yes, it is hypocritical because, yes, you did back Bundy at the time and were outraged he was shot, even though he took over a park armed, threatened rangers and police, shot his gun, and fled from police before being shot still armed. Hard to handle that with the courts when he’s on the highway shooting.
You supporting him and were angry, saying those cops didn’t need to shoot him, but are cheering on cops shooting an unarmed man running away no longer threatening anyone… 60 times. The difference? One was extremely more dangerous, violent, armed, and white. You only see the other one as the problem. That’s hypocritical.
I see 60 shots as the problem, and don’t believe the police version that he even fired his gun without proof.

Government overreach? Are you talking about Bundy’s other anti government armed action when he stole grazing from public lands and held off law enforcement with an armed violent militia, which you supported? Cheering him on for refusing to pay for using public lands for private profits and using deadly force against law enforcement? I’m talking about when he violently took over a park for months with more armed violent militia….which you also supported.

My life is pretty good. I have empathy for those less fortunate. I know you can’t understand thinking about someone else’s situation, but it used to be considered normal…real conservatives know that.

Lol…I’m not on any other social media at all, and I rarely get my news here. Sucker. Nice try, but I look for actual sources, not nut jobs saying what I want to hear, like Trump who got the election fraud fraud from an anonymous Twitter account.
It’s pretty telling that you think the way to “truth and understanding “ is remove all sources of information. What exactly do your eyes see with your head in that dark hole? Mine are wide open in the sunshine, sunshine. I see not only the “truth”, but also the various attempts at lies, and being (and keeping myself) fairly well educated I can tell the difference, a trait I’m afraid you sorely lack, friend. Thanks so much for the offer, but it’s like a deaf and blind man offering to lead someone with glasses across the freeway.

On the contrary, we’ve been here for you for over a decade, calmly explaining reality as you scream nonsense and fear monger. We will be here tomorrow. Assuage your fear of abandonment and maybe you can begin to think rationally.
written by newtboy

So, the dark side is your choice then
written by BSR

Why do I get a feeling that the "educated" part is the part you hate most?
written by BSR

Moving this video to C-note's personal queue. It failed to receive enough votes to get sifted up to the front page within 2 days.
written by siftbot

Smug elitist superiority is what I don't go for.
written by bobknight33

Start at 3:14

written by bobknight33

Hardly elitist at under $35k per year for a couple in California.
Not even superior overall as far as I know, (overall superiority is a complicated non standardized judgement to make without complete information about both of us, but thanks for saying you believe it.).
Just somewhat educated not even highly educated, but often more importantly I keep myself decently informed. Sorry to burst your bubble.
(Edit: this means not only learning the facts, but also the “alternative facts”. I read Tzu, and believe in his theory that if you know yourself and your enemy you will be victorious in every battle.)

It’s the smug ignorant incorrect certitude I can’t go for, and you exhibit it daily without ever admitting your mistakes or that you were w-w-w-wrong, just silently moving on to the next falsehood when it’s proven.
written by newtboy

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