Chelsea Handler on Roe v. Wade Being Overturned
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Fifty years of liberal decisions and the left had no issue with the supreme court. Now the pendulum swings back and all hell breaks loose. The left are the radical side. This decision is just put the issue back to the states, where it belongs. About 1/3 of the states allow this murdering already

Still the most dangerous place for a child will still be the womb.

Like how Handler is unable to have an intelligent conversion about this topic just slanted jokes. That is all you can expect from an uneducated person with no college. No intelligent thought.

written by bobknight33

You are 100% insane and intentionally ignorant.
The court has been majority conservative since the 70’s, it’s now 6-3 conservative and you claim to believe it’s still liberal, just one conservative decision came out. So delusional bob.

Yeah, no one had any issues with the 100% liberal decisions from the liberal Supreme Court…like Citizens United.
Just. So. Ignorant. And. Dumb. Bob.

The right has regressed hard fought freedoms and rights by 50 years. The free world is aghast at what the symbol of freedom and liberty became over such a short 5 year stretch thanks to our core being decimated by magats.

Your ignorance knows no bounds, comrade. No American is so clueless that they think the court JUST became conservative.

Children aren’t in wombs, you brainless slug.

And wow, you are so bat shit crazy you actually go after comedians doing a comedy show for telling jokes. I know they don’t do that in con comedy, but REAL comedy has jokes, not just vitriolic hateful verbal assaults against common enemies. You might try it some time.

So, no college makes a person uneducated and dumb….no high school must make them moronic, like your dear old dad, grandpa, and from your grammar, math, science, and history skills, you too despite your claim, and let’s not forget Boebert. No intelligent thought between the four of you. Didn’t think we wouldn’t remember how proud you are of your ignorant uneducated ancestors, the long family history of people that didn’t finish high school? Considering your abilities, and how easy you are duped into believing nonsensical lies with no facts or logic to them, I wouldn’t be surprised to find you didn’t graduate 8th grade. Wait…is your real name “Hershel”?

No intelligent thought. Hasn’t been an intelligent thought from you since you signed up here, Bob. Just regurgitation of blatantly false propaganda and infantile preschooler insults and whining. Lots of your lies being debunked which you answer by simply telling more lies hoping people didn’t notice you were just thoroughly debunked with corroborated facts and called out as the moronic liar you are for the 972nd time.

PS- way to try posting your discarded idiotic fact free propaganda in comments. Lucky you comments don’t get discarded for negative votes or you would have only about a dozen left from your unpopular and largely unwanted time here….silly little troll.

I suppose you agree that mean man shot Rudy in the back with his invisible gun, right? Almost tackled him, but Rudy is so strong he maintained his balance. Never a true word from Republicans, every syllable you utter is false. If you guys got your wish, a culture like 70’s Saudi Arabia where only white men have power and everyone else is subservient, it wouldn’t make you happy because you would all be begging on the streets with no hands or tongue, because they cut off your hands for stealing and your tongues for lying in that culture.
written by newtboy

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