Can This Change Everything for DJs
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written by Lendl

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written by siftbot

I have questions.

Maybe I missed it, but I feel like they didn’t really explain what it is or how it works.

I guess it’s some kind of replacement for a record needle, that uses an accelerometer(?) or something, but I’d really like more details.

Also (and I know nothing about DJing, so tell me if I’m being an idiot), surely using this kind of digital wireless thing (again not sure how it works) would defeat the purpose of using analog vinyl in the first place?
written by ChaosEngine

First off they use DVS technology which has been around and has nothing to do with what Phase is. I had no idea this was even a thing.

With Phase you don't need the special time coded vinyl record or needles.

There may be a better explanation somewhere but that's what i got in 15 min using google.
written by eric3579

written by CrushBug

I'm pretty sure the vinyl itself has nothing on it. It's all digitized and stored in a module. The "Phase" device is just a very accurate, low-latency angular-position transducer for controlling the module.

So... why not just read the position directly from a special turntable (like the other digital sets they sell)? I dunno, I guess these let you use your favorite Technics turntables from 1989 that have just the right feel or whatever.

I don't know this, I'm just basing it on the evidence that there is clearly no stylus dragging across the record, so the sound can't be coming from there.

Ed: Oh, and I guess it's wireless. Maybe that's a big deal.
written by AeroMechanical

Thanks, that was insightful.
written by CrushBug

Wow, such an obvious, simple, elegant solution to the problem. No wonder nobody thought of it before.
written by rich_magnet

this will change nothing for DJs.
written by kir_mokum

Oh shit! We shoulda consulted the expert. Damn that sucks. Oh well, nothing to see here, boys. Move along.
written by ForgedReality

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