Beto O’Rourke “It May Be Funny To You, Mother F*#ker”
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thanks for posting this source video. many news stories about Beto swearing, none of which link to the actual source of what was said... lazy reporting.

Was the guy laughing at Beto's comment about an AR-15 being accurate enough to get a headshot at 500ft? That probably is laughable, but still inappropriate during the speech- and certainly not the point of what Beto was saying.
written by spawnflagger

I thought he was saying it is POWERFUL enough to penetrate a helmet at 500 ft, not accurate enough to make that shot easily.
written by newtboy

possible the putz was being pedantic. 'heh heh 500ft heh heh'
kvetching about the details is missing the point; the gun was meant for combat - not killing school children. his knowledge of the weapon was adequate.

as an example: beto didn't know the guy's actual name - but he called him what everyone else would. i.e. close enough

but the people w/abbott signs? what is so powerful about protesting a peaceful meeting? wouldn't sitting, listening, and asking tough questions make more of an impression than holding up signs that people read as: "oh, lord. a dimwit."

in short: beto took the feathers out of that peacock.
written by luxintenebris

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*blocked, aw
written by Krupo

This video has been flagged as having an embed that is Region Blocked to not function in certain geographical locations - declared blocked by Krupo.
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I like that this makes you lethargic. I hope more R texans are just as sleepy as you. Cause frankly this level of gun "control" is BS and it's not funny to me either.

Keep sleepin in your cozy bed.
written by mram

Sorry. Reminded me of my days operating printing presses
written by BSR

written by BSR

Let him sleep. Being a douchebag that publicly laughs at child murder is tiring.
written by newtboy

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