Bernie Sanders: I thought this question might come up
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"Truth is truth"... (in response to an attempted well-poisoning fallacy) i had no idea until now how much I've been wanting to hear someone say that...
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I like Bernie, but his answer to "how do we pay for your plans?" seems to always be "We tax the rich more." That seems naive imo.
I agree, the extremely rich should pay way more, but I don't think it's reasonable to say that higher tax rates for the top 5% can pay to revamp our entire society. We are too deep in debt, and too shallow in our commitments towards the public, whether those commitments come in the form of investments in education, health, infrastructure, the legal system, prison reforms, ecology, climate change, .....the list of things we put on the back burner and ignore is long and fraught with perils far more pressing than, let's say a fence, or golf outings, trade wars, or another aircraft carrier.

As to the Castro ridiculousness, get a grip people. I can give you an example of something Hitler did that everyone, including holocaust survivors, can agree was a great thing he did.....he killed Hitler. If your ideological blinders and hatred are so thick you can't admit bad people/systems might also do some good things sometimes, you have a serious problem accepting reality and you need therapy.
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Trump is not extreme nor dangerous , Bernie is. Every Democrat candidate is anti America.

Bernie is just a Santa Clause.
written by bobknight33

Trump and his cultists are the most active terrorist group in America for the last 3 years. They are all extremists and have proven how dangerous they are through multiple deadly attacks and constant death threats to anyone who doesn't agree with them.

Before you proudly state "but Bernie said something positive about Castro, that's anti American." remember how Trump gushes about lil' Kim, president Xi, and Putin, proclaiming his deep love and admiration for multiple murderous communist dictators while showing outright disdain for most of our democratic allies.

Not one Democratic candidate has secretly sold out our national interests or our allies for personal gain, no, not even Biden. Trump has, repeatedly.
Trump, and all his cultists are anti America every time America's interests don't align with theirs.

Funny, when the right spends public funds on their projects like useless fencing, free bailouts for the banks their lack of regulation let fail, or farmers Trump's idiotic trade war hurt you think they're just giving money back, but when democrats want to invest far less than that amount into education they're Santa Clause. *facepalm
written by newtboy

What are you going to hide behind when we take the American flag back again? Oh! That's right, you have another flag you can fall back on.
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Organizing healthcare better would save you money, not cost you. Nationalism is self-blinding. Nothing against local-patriotism, but this flag waving schtick is so.. nineteenth century. "I love my country and believe in god therefore im right" got us all into two world wars. If you love your country take care of the people that live in it and dont be a nuisance to others.

The question is, would what Bernie wants really be better? Are Bernies supporters less blind than Trumps? Who knows?
written by vil

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