Ameca and the most realistic AI robots. Beyond Atlas.
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I'd be doing weird promotion if I were you too, given:

New Tesla factories losing billions of dollars, Musk says

Fox Hosts Slam Elon Musk Over Tesla Layoff Comment, Twitter Dealings

Elon Musk: Tesla plants in Austin and Germany are losing ‘billions of dollars’

You really got it all figured out @bobknight33
written by JiggaJonson

Big dreams, but remember hyperloop, the amazing high speed public transportation Musk foresaw?
It was going to be autonomous pods driving hundreds of mph through multi tube vacuum tunnels, now it’s Tesla cars manually driven maybe 40mph through small one lane tunnels, with traffic jams already on the tiny test track ride in Vegas during the pandemic with riders limited to well under 1000 per hour (<1/4projected capacity) costing $52.5 million for 1.7 miles of inescapable death tube…. so underground death trap roads at only 8800 times the cost of above ground roads.
Remember the Tesla semi truck? Sounded great. Turned out it had less than 1/6 the cargo capacity of similarly size trucks because of battery weight and a 300 mile maximum range new (quickly dropping as batteries age) for the regular version, and unless you charge at Tesla with guaranteed discount electricity it’s not even cost effective against regular trucks per mile, much less per ton of freight….and still not any on the road, now estimated to start next year…maybe.

Notice the teslabot doesn’t list expected battery life, which is the big limitation on self powered robots. All the ability in the world is useless if they need to recharge every 10 minutes.

Elon’s ideas sound amazing until you look at them practically, and find that his projections are insanely unrealistic.

Edit: in his genius, Musk lobbied hard against the infrastructure bill that includes money to build the American chip manufacturing capacity…and now his plants are losing billions per year because they can’t get chips.
written by newtboy

I agree with newtboy - Elon has a lot of bad ideas. (most of which are debunked with high school physics - see the many Thunderf00t videos). But there's a lot of smart people working at Tesla and SpaceX who are actually doing a bulk of the work & innovation.

But, this video isn't about Musk, it's about Robots and AI. Many more examples and companies than just Tesla-bot.

Don't worry though, humanity will be 'saved' from the robots by a large coronal mass ejection event that fries the grid and most computers on Earth.
written by spawnflagger

Your comments are uninformed.

A new factory does not become profitable until your up around the 70% full production capacity. Berlin and Texas just opened and putting out about 1000/week. This need to get to about 15000/week.

FOX news bitching about salaried layoffs -- And your point is what?

However, Tesla is hiring hundreds of factory floor employees.

You have any other observations to share?

Please enlighten me with your wisdom.
written by bobknight33

Your comments are uninformed.

Billions in losses at every factory may or may not be temporary, but it’s still billions in losses. The company’s value is based on pure speculation, not any semblance of profitability. As he downsizes, new much larger manufacturing lines are coming online from his competitors. He can’t get to 70% capacity to even break even because he can’t get chips, unlike his competitors. If investors become disillusioned, he goes broke and his company goes bankrupt.

Hiring!?! I guess you didn’t get the memo, they are downsizing by 10% across the board according to Elon, with more to come, because he expects sales to drop precipitously when his predicted depression occurs next year. (And because his other side projects aren’t generating cash flow he can pump into Tesla)

You have any other observations to have debunked?

Please enlighten us with your wisdom.
written by newtboy

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