Amazon "Essentials"
Submitted by newtboy
Amazon's idea of essential may differ from yours.
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Of course there's a shortage of dick!

If you didn't have a set of your preferred Enjoyment Genitals at home before lockdown kicked in then you're shit out of luck getting your hands on a set before restrictions lift.

OK, so maybe it's stretching the definition of 'essential' but it definitely fills a need.

Also: "dick shortage" heh heh heh
written by noims

Did he check for pocket pussies?

I do like grabbing them.
written by bobknight33

Just do what you normally do and steal them from your friends.
written by newtboy

Moving this video to newtboy's personal queue. It failed to receive enough votes to get sifted up to the front page within 2 days.
written by siftbot

B.K.: have been looking at your avatar. did you notice the negative space between the blue shield and red stripes? it's like a shaft of light passing through his ears. his head obscures all the letters except 'T' & 'P': coincidence? 6 stars could mean less than half of the 13 stars of the original flag or 46.1% (~the percentage of votes he received). the stripes...idk..but they do look like bars, which works.
written by luxintenebris

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