Amazing Lego-Style HEMP BLOCKS Make Building a House Quick
Submitted by newtboy
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I'm sold!
written by BSR

Me too, but I want him to replace the lime with mycelium, removing any co2 production in the process. I’m fairly certain there are some fungi that are already being used that way, seems like a no brainer to use the technology here.
written by newtboy

Hell yeah! Let's build a house!
written by Phooz

Since it's organic material, what's the longevity of something like this? Susceptibility to mold and corrosion?

What's meant by "below grade"?

And finally, it's sad that they had to PR machine their product name because

"hurrr hurrr hurr dijuuu get hiigh if your house catches on fire man?"
"'re not interested in investing or...?"
written by JiggaJonson

I would think Adobe would be a good measure, and some Adobe homes/buildings still stand after 2500 years in deserts. Where it is, how moist it gets, makes a huge difference with these materials historically.

The lime should raise the ph high enough to protect from most mold.
written by newtboy

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