Amanda Gorman 'The Hill We Climb' at Biden inauguration
Submitted by eric3579
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"The Force is strong with this one"
written by BSR

Highlight of the inauguration *promote this young lady.
written by eric3579

Self promoting this video and sending it back into the queue for one more try; last queued Thursday, January 21st, 2021 8:02am PST - promote requested by original submitter eric3579.
written by siftbot

I can't help but wonder how much time she spent agonizing over her look (which is absolutely on point), only for Bernie to steal everyone's thunder, in terms of fashion.
written by moonsammy

I'd like to think that Ms. Gorman here can pull off this look in her sleep! Oh Bernie, you have to ruin everyone's party do ya!? Whhhhhhhhhy? Bernie!
written by cloudballoon

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