A message to children from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
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Goddamnit, why can't we have good leaders like Canadians do?
written by StukaFox

Although I'm a life-long small "l" Liberal voter, and Justin Trudeau is still the better leader of the major parties, he did made quite a few major political bungling.

Though the policies are sound, the implementations are a mess.

Overall, he can talk a good game but there are so many external forces fighting against him, nothing much has to gotten done.

Quite similar to France's Macron.
written by cloudballoon

Massage from the Swedish Prime Minister

written by BSR

You can, and you have. It takes a lot of work, though, to swing a ship of 300 million people: I am moved and encouraged when I see Americans doing it, and hope that they pull it off this autumn.
written by WmGn

I would have liked the see the journalists distanced and wearing masks.
written by WmGn

@WmGn: hard to blame the media for his messes, but if we are airing our wishes to the wind...

wish the president would distance himself for the mic. save lives.
wish the president would wear a face mask. keep people from getting ill [mud fence of a man]...at least a ball-gag...let him take the pain for once.
written by luxintenebris

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