A Reporter’s Footage from Inside the Capitol Siege
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Full of gems.

Weird school trip.

Also a bit of a horror.
written by vil

When you dismiss 75 Million Americans a few are going to off.

Didn't help that ANTIFA was there as Trump supporters inciting action.
written by bobknight33

Over 500 videos taken as rioters stormed the Capitol building have been arranged in chronological order and can be scrolled through by users.

ProPublica published the interactive timeline using videos sourced from Parler, the social network favoured by supporters of the president, which was also gathering users’ GPS data.
- The Independent

Videos can be viewed chronologically here..
written by eric3579

I just find all the videos of knuckleheads running around in the Capitol fascinating. *promote
written by eric3579

Promoting this video and sending it back into the queue for one more try; last queued Sunday, January 17th, 2021 5:49pm PST - promote requested by eric3579.
written by siftbot

Sorry sunshine, neither of these statements have any basis in reality. If you weren't such a constant liar people might believe this nonsense.

When you lie to 74 million voters (and make no mistake, this is saying all 74 million voters believe the Trump vote fraud lie supported the Trump terrorist attack on congress and deserve to be treated as treasonous terrorists) and tell them they're being robbed of their country by massive fraud and cheating, and the guy stealing your country is going to send the thuggish black mobs to your neighborhood to steal your home, you're bound to set a few off. That's why Trump is culpable, he did that and called for his proud boys and second amendment people to stand up and act (the paired order to "stand down and stand by").

Even McConnell has finally admitted that the attack on democracy by your ilk was at the provocation and direction of the president himself, not looking good for his impeachment trial if McConnell won't stand with and protect Trump.

Who dismissed you and your thuggish comrades? You've been coddled and listened to for months despite having absolutely no evidence of your baseless claims and mountains of evidence against it, and your lies continue, ignoring all facts, pretending you were simply ignored, not that you were heard ad nauseam and found to be dishonest and plain wrong in every single claim. It's like we've had a two month drag out fight over whether the Easter bunny is real, and after two months of attempting to get you back to reality with factual information you claim you were just dismissed and never once listened to or allowed to give your side or evidence of a giant magical egg hiding bipedal rabbit.

Antifa was NOT part of that crowd, they would have been lynched if they were. That's just another right wing fantasy that they think absolves them of the responsibility for their actions somehow. Most of the +- 1000 morons who entered the building looking for representatives to murder and state secrets they could steal and sell to Russia were also anti maskers, making it easy to identify them as long term Trumpsters and debunk your baseless lie designed to shirk responsibility for the attack your president directed and your ilk perpetrated and blame it on political rivals with no evidence. Every person asked said they were there because they were listening to Trump's instructions, not a single one was there because Antifa said to go attack the capitol and stop the steal.

Give us the name of this fake antifa person Newsmax has told you was there inciting action with the thousands of murderous Trumpsters there at Trump's explicit direction, fighting like hell to take their country back, forcing a trial by combat, trying to take out senators, representatives, and the VP in some moronic murderous attempt to install Trump as president by force and murder....you can't. They don't exist, and anyone you name will have a great multi-million dollar lawsuit against you for libel, well worth their investigators tracking you down irl. You can join Trump's lawyers in being sued for 100 times the amount you could possibly make in your lifetime. They're liable for $1.5 Billion in losses in just one case. You might get off easy with only a $10 million judgement against you.
written by newtboy

the tears of unfathomable sadness mmm yummy yummy you guys!
written by surfingyt

Absolutely serious subject matter, but it is so surreal -everything/everyone is so ridiculous looking - it takes me a bit to register it isn't a parody.
written by CaptainObvious

B-b-b-b-b-b-b-That's All Folks!
written by newtboy

No one is dismissing 75 million Americans, it is the Trump cult that's dismissing the 80+ millions' collective voice/vote by not understanding basic math, being delusional and can't handle losing an election. Snowflakes.

Ah... America. To be a Patriot is to never own up to its mistakes/actions, am I right, Bob? Just point to some Bogeymen and blame them! Besides, if the Trump cult is so cool-headed and oh so "Jenius!", why would they fall into Antifa's "incitement" ALL. THE. F-ING. TIME? Guest them Trump nuts never had much mental faculty to resist any violent persuasions to begin with huh?

Oh, please ID me ONE Antifa in the footage. If there are seditious Antifa in their midst, arrest them! It's what they deserve.

MAGA nuts have been going off all on their own without anyone's help.
written by cloudballoon

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