A List Actors Perform Dramatic Reading Of The Mueller Report
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Thanks for the cliffhanger, NEWT!
written by BSR

Reports said it was livestreamed...I think last night...so should be somewhere online.
John Lithgow narrated Trump in the clip I saw...everyone reading the text flatly from thick binders, but dramatically reading quotes as the speakers.
written by newtboy

No one cares newt. No one cares but the crying left .

But he cheated, But he lied, But but but.

Get over it.
How many " we got him now" stories have we had? every week We got Trump in a corner now, This is it, the bitch is going down!

Look the reason Trump keeps "getting away" from all these stories is because they are all lies. Main Stream leftest push slight lies to grandiose lies day in day out and truth prevails .

MEGA 2020
written by bobknight33


The report is all lies!? As if you've read any of it. If Trump told you it's all fake news lies, and Trump told you it exonerated him and showed no obstruction, doesn't that mean the exoneration is fake news and there was obstruction?

The mainstream is all leftist? There I agree, mainstream America is leftist....compared to your conspiracy based far right insanity. That's why Trump has never enjoyed even 50% approval, unlike every other president ever.

This is about getting people to hear the actual report, not your ignorant Trumpian lies about it. You think this is a "we got him" moment?! Lol. We know there is no such thing with the complicit sycophantic Senate. How many "we got her" moments have you enjoyed over Clinton?

No one person in American history has offered more lies to the American public than Little Donny, America's Biggest Loser. I know you hate hearing that, because you can't contradict it.
Obama didn't need a lawyer in 8 years, how many has Trump needed in under 3 years? And now on top of the never-ending litany of scandals, criminal prosecutions, lost court cases, failed policies, appointees removed for cause, etc, he has yet another rape charge to defend, how many sexual harassment charges is that? 14?
Better get another lawyer.

It's so hilarious to hear your ilk complain "you lost, get over it" halfway through the process with so much of the report still being litigated, but the same cucks still chant "lock her up", "reinvestigate Clinton", etc after 25+ years and hundreds of millions wasted on failed attempts to dig up dirt on her....then lie and claim "$30 million wasted investigating Trump for nothing, nada, zip" (nothing except 34 convictions for crimes against America and over $45 million recovered, and a dozen active criminal court cases).
written by newtboy

The report is all lies? Some yes.

Mostly grossly over the top and spun to high heaven.
All you really have is the audio grab her by the pussy.. WOW no man ever said that kind of shit to another guy. WOW Got him. Good job.

Democrats are using all this smear to high heaven to fund raise and to nick trump popular vote. They are getting funds but not swaying people to turn against Trump.

Democrats can't afford to have him win again in 2020. CNN, MSNBC are right there with the smear mongering.. So much so that when there is a true Trump mistake no one really believes it to be as bas as it might be.

America is on the right track, low employment, raising wages, slight as they are . They again they been stagnate for last 20 years

Finally addressing the China/ Iran issues. May not like how he is doing it but at least a POTUS is addressing theses issue.

Obama didn't need a lawyer in 8 years -- BS
written by bobknight33

Hold onto him as tight as you can and don't let go. No matter what. He will take you where you really want to go.
written by BSR

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written by siftbot

Wow, Bob. Your head is deep in that hole to think that. I hope you wiped first.

We have two secret illegal payoffs for porn/playboy stars he cheated on his wife with (campaign finance abuses, and admissions that he slept with them and they might have proof, and indicators of his fidelity), "grab them by the pussy"...(and 14 people who say he did)....bragging about cheating on his wife with his friend's wives, multiple personal guilty pleas to frauds, tax evasion/fraud, charity fraud, 100 contacts with the hostile foreign power that helped defeat Clinton during the campaign (and a clear statement that he would love to collude with them again), 10+ cases of obstruction, uncountable illegal policies shot down in court (today he lost another, the census question designed to hurt Democrats and help Republicans, and now he wants to delay the census), a pattern of racism, a pattern of misogyny, a pattern of infantile whining, bullying, threatening, constant never-ending lies, denying science, ignoring legal precedents, destroying our international standing and reputation, multiple trade wars, .....and golf, never ending golf, far more than twice as often as Obama (who he called irresponsible for wasting time playing golf) at a cost to us of well over $100000000 so far (much of that paid to Trump's properties) and he still sucks so badly and cheats so blatantly that he has to hide from cameras every time....I just don't have all day to explain how much there is wrong with him beyond "grab them by the pussy"

Edit: Let's not forget the exponential rise in illegal immigration under his watch too....and his insistence he's building hundreds of miles of new wall that, in reality, is just mending existing fences he claims don't work.
Also, the increased division in America can't be ignored.

People are already swayed against him. Never reached 50% approval, losing to the top 10 Democrats in all polls, even his own. He won't get the angry Bernie Bro votes, or the undecided anti politician, or the old school republican vote, or a lot of farmer votes, or factory worker votes this round.

The country can't afford to have him win, Democrats gained power under him. Duh. Expect to lose the senate, and lose ground in the house, not to mention local governments.

Everyone not in your cult believes it's likely worse than is reported, because he's bullied news organizations so much they're terrified to make a mistake or even report the whole truth or he will label them enemies of America and your ilk will threaten their lives, and their children's lives, and actually try to kill them. Dozens if not hundreds of cases since his election....none before...or he might even directly threaten to have them arrested like he did last week.

Wages aren't rising (except for at the top), and absolutely weren't stagnant under Obama. In states where minimum wage has risen, it's despite Trump denouncing a raise in minimum wages. Massive inflation caused directly by his policies....trade wars, ruined trade agreements, etc., mean purchase power is falling, not growing. No infrastructure repairs, no repeal and replace, only attempts to ruin and leave Obama care, tax cuts for himself (despite his denials before they passed) and tax raises on the middle class (despite the fact he lied and called them temporary tax cuts before they passed), the biggest growth in the debt and deficit ever......that enough for now?

Totally fucking up the China and Iran issues, both are exponentially worse thanks to him. Jebus! It's ignorant insanity to imply they were ignored, you just didn't like Obama's agreements, agreements that were working to our benefit until Trump abandoned them, now we have trade wars with one, driving them into an alliance with Russia, and nearing actual war with the other.

Really...name the charges Obama had to defend in court. Derp. I can name DOZENS that Trump has, and is defending in court, and hundreds more he'll have to defend as soon as his shield of being president is gone.

Another post 100% wrong, Bob. I'm impressed, but not in a good way.
written by newtboy

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