77 Photos You Must See Before You Die
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I've never seen #14 (the claw marks in the gas chamber), but it should be required viewing for every human on the face of the earth.
#43 (Anne Frank) is incorrect: a photo of her leaning out of the window of what became known as The Anne Frank House was taken shortly before she and her family were arrested and killed.
#48 (Hirsoshima): the actual amount of Plutonium that achieved pure fission was smaller than a grain of rice.
#54 (Spam): Well, there goes any illusion that this was anything but click-bait.
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#18 (longest beard) 1.4 meters is not 18 feet, it's 4.6.

The editor is not musically inclined. They butchered Canon in D, and started the lyrical section of Jupiter with a horrible MIDI interpretation halfway through the second phrase.

However, there are a lot of cool photos in there.
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I usually don't play the video. I stop it and then slide the time bar to each photo so I can digest the interesting ones and move along on the ones that aren't as interesting. True about the music though.
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