2020 Politics
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Moving this video to eric3579's personal queue. It failed to receive enough votes to get sifted up to the front page within 2 days.
written by siftbot

Fake comedy based on fake news
written by bobknight33

Is "reply to post" turned off? I was trying to reply to Bob, but no such option is offered me.
written by StukaFox

Bob, can you define what you think "fake" means? I could see "attempted comedy" or "unfunny" but... wtf would "fake comedy" be?

Also, what fake news? They literally quoted Trump several times, showed an image of the Ukraine call transcript... what specific thing that was said or shown is "fake"?
written by moonsammy

Nope...works fine for me.
written by newtboy

Anything that Trump doesn't like to hear = fake news. If Trump doesn't tweet out to the Bobs to laugh, they dare not laugh. Trump doesn't tell the Bobs to think, they dare not think. That's the kind of "Freedom!" the Bobs hold sacred.
written by cloudballoon

"attempted comedy" = gutfeld!

'fake comedy' is one of 33's wonderful yogi berra-style self owns. fabulous trollster.

tho' don't know how repeating factual (or compilation of) quotes is worth repeating for comic effect? too close to actuality to be called parody, satire, or lampooning. it's just a recreation of events. already have enough video documentation to show the insanity of these believers of the non-believable. run those.

'fake news' is the GOP's version of Scientology's SPs. cults can't survive w/o some non-compliance from reality.

nazis looked to gas their victims, Bob's brethren prefer to gas-light theirs.
written by luxintenebris

You remind me of scared puppy afraid to come out from under the couch.
written by BSR

I'm still shedding liberal tears from the Red Wave that was promised for a year leading up to the election.
written by TheFreak

And that was after several years of exhaustion from all that winning...!
written by moonsammy

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