Where are my keys?
Where have you found your keys when you were looking for them ??

Mine have been lost for a couple days but now it is starting to annoy me, before I rip this place apart and actually do a (sigh) spring cleaning.. WHERE MIGHT MY KEYS BE ?

I live in a small apartment and have a small routine and a small area to lose them in, yet. I can not find them.

Obviously YOU do not know where MY keys are, but any experience in this key finding adventure might help me. We have all done this, I just have not done it recently.

WHERE OH WHERE IN THE FOOK DID I PUT THEM?? I have looked "everywhere" my sisters car, my car.. I should mention I go out my patio so I actually do not lock my front door, last time I did that was around a week ago. I fool people with the back door faux entrance. And my killer rabbit is here to protect the property.
Submitted by BoneRemake
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I suppose you've already checked every trouser- and jacket pocket, every bag you used, the washing machine and dryer, the laundry basket, the fridge, the sofa crevices and under the sofa and bed. That's all that comes to my mind right now. Maybe this'll help you: http://wherethefuckdidileavemykeys.com/
written by Lilithia

exactly sir. I have checked all those.. thrice !

I shall write a novel about this adventure.

Edited _ OOOOps.. I mean Ma'am or mam or Muh lady, whatever your fancy of formal may be.
written by BoneRemake

Maybe your bunny grabbed the keys and hid them in his lair.
written by dotdude

... or the litter box [assuming he has one that is]
written by PlayhousePals

My ant colony members and I took your keys.
written by ant

Try this one! http://videosift.com/video/That-Mitchell-and-Webb-Look-Jan-Hankls-Flank-Pat-System
written by Zawash


I was just about , JUST ABOUT ! to rip this place apart and search and sort it room by room in a dedicated search pattern.

Then I emptied the garbage can and when I pulled the bag out the keys popped out, they were hiding between the bag and the garbage can.. so not technically the last place I looked because I was not actually looking for them yet.

Fun story. They were gone for days, teach me to clean my counters the way I had.
written by BoneRemake

He does and he uses it at his discretion.

When I am around the door is open and he is free to hop aboot.

Honest truth he came to me at six weeks liter trained from the respectable fantastic breeder.

I have never had a problem with his urine on carpet, he pees in his potty and rabbit poop does sometimes happen outside the enclosure, but it is not like dog poops, the poop comes out dry fairly well.

I said, never had a problem for me, he is out for 4 hours at a time and every time he feels the need of nature he hippity hops into his custom tiled corner pissoir and then hippity hops back to whatever he was doing.

Rabbits are very VERY clean by nature and habitual. he knows where to pee he knows where water is he knows where food is. Rabbits can not see in the dark so they need repetition, although they catch on quick. but think of how often the lights are OOT ? SMART FAST LEARNIN G LIL BASTARDS AND BITCHS.
written by BoneRemake

I was going to say to check all the shoes below. I've found mine in a shoe more than once.
written by gargoyle

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