Wilhelm: The New Channel in town and a new invocation too!
No longer do you need to say to yourself, that video needs a *wilhelm only to find we don't have a channel... Now we do.

The Wilhelm Scream Channel is now L I V E ! ! !
Submitted by youdiejoe
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I'm sorry, mate, but... seriously? (this goes out to dag as well, because he authorized it, while I was advised less than a year ago that my channel considerations, *culture (admittedly, non-feasible because of *cult anyway), *education or *water might be too niche)

Did we really need a channel this specific that it will probably end up having <100 videos in it? Couldn't you've gone with *Audio or something, at the very least? And I won't even start debating the relevance of the scream as a 2-second special effect in, let's say, a movie clip that lasts minutes. I'm really sorry, but I honestly don't think this was a channel we needed.
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While it's a super-specific channel It's going to be fun to work with. *quality
written by geo321

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It could have been a playlist- but Wilhelm has a lot of history and significance on the Sift. The fun factor is high in invoking *wilhelm.
written by dag

Hahahahahahaha! Brilliant! I cannot wait to invoke this one!
written by blankfist

For anyone who's been living under a rock:

written by lucky760

*nochannel *wilhelm
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More power to YouDieJoe, but I am probably the one person on the planet that can't stand the Wilhelm scream. Every time I hear it, I roll my eyes. And of course, it's in EVERYTHING.

Sorry but my thoughts don't go to 'tribute' when I hear it, they go to 'lazy' and
'uninspired'. And now there's a female Wilhelm I've been hearing as of late, that again, is being used as the de facto for a scream of rape, or terror, etc. Ugh.

Oh well, nothing I can do about it, so time to move on to other things...
written by videosiftbannedme

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