What made you join VideoSift?
I've been PMing schmawy recently, and I briefly mentioned to him that what finally made me join VS was finding this video. By itself I could write a whole Sift Talk post extolling its virtues, but I won't. Suffice it to say for now that it's an awesome, trippy video with great music.

Because of the aforementioned I've been really curious about what made all of you decide to jump into the mix that is VideoSift. I had been lurking here for months, but the video I just mentioned is what finally pushed me to join. Can any of you define similar moments of epiphany in which you finally said to yourself, "This is where I belong"?

I'd really love to hear them all. I respect the opinions of so many people here, even many of the ones with which I find myself in disagreement. Most of you express yourself so well with your choice of videos that I barely need to ask how you feel about this, that, or the other. However I'll be the first to admit that I'm wrong on so many occasions, and that's yet another reason why I'd love to hear your stories.

This isn't a homework assignment for freshman English, mind you. Even a few sentences with imperfect grammar and multiple spelling errors will work for me. Share your story. It might not only be fun, but it may also help you identify kindred spirits in the community.

What have you got to lose?
Submitted by kronosposeidon
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I joined for the top 15 and the funny comments. I stayed for the impressive coverage of obscure topics (not to mention every meme known to the net.)

...oh, who am I kidding, I can't keep up the facade any more. I signed up the same way everyone else did: by responding to a work at home classified ad for DLJ & Co. VideoSift is all an elaborate undertaking to boost your self-confidence, kronosposeidon. After a while it became apparent that voting for your videos wasn't doing the trick, so we added comment voting to give recognition to your, um, witticisms. I apologize to everyone for being the one to let the news slip. If you're all up for it I propose that we continue this grand experiment and never speak of this incident.
written by fissionchips

I joined for the fame and glory (which I achieved over the weekend with my first top 15 sift).

{{calms the stammering applause}}

But seriously, I joined because I was lurking here for a few months, like KP, and would get pissed when sifts I liked didn't get recognition. Basically, I joined to vote and maybe get the memes I favored into the stream of culture.
written by RhesusMonk

I joined because there were too many videos online. I only wanted the best ones. I still don't remember how I found this place.
written by ant

I found the Sift through Blue's News and was surprised by the *quality of the submissions but even more surprised by the intelligence and maturity of the community. A true rarity on the intertubes.

This place is like an tropical island refuge in an endless sea of shit.

To be honest I have thought about leaving the sift behind on a few occasions, but I keep coming back because this is possibly the only community outside of my family where I have actually felt as if I fitted in on rare occasions.
So I guess that means you're stuck with me. Suck it.
written by 8383

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written by siftbot

About a year ago, the person I now know to be Dag posted a link to VS at reddit and I thought it sounded cool. I lurked for a few months until Issykitty prodded me to start posting stuff and voting up her videos.
written by dystopianfuturetoday

I think, but I'm not sure, that I found videosift through bluesnews too, but I can't remember what in particular made me join. I suppose I liked the "atmosphere" and wanted to join in the discussions.
written by gwiz665

This is a good topic for Sift Talk Kronos!

I knew about Videosift for almost a year before I joined. I lurked for many months and found that it was a great place to find a variety of things to watch to appeal to everyone, and I really enjoyed reading the commentaries for the videos. I also noticed that many sites such as Reddit would link a lot of content here. I found this among many others from lurking this awesome site.

The thing that got me to join was when Luciano Pavarotti passed away. I was really sad and distraught, and wanted to find everything Pavarotti on the Sift. It was my desire to post a particular classic video clip as my personal tribute to him, in a sense. The community impressed me so much, I decided to go charter just a couple of weeks later.
written by Issykitty

Well, I came here by way of this video. My friend sent me the link, and after that I lurked for a while. Then I would watch some of the more serious videos where long threads were made, and I wanted to take part in the discussion, so I joined.
written by MarineGunrock

This post (now non-working) is what made me think about YouTube and online video a lot more. It was YouTube's first hit.
written by dag

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