What do you do for work ?
Just wondering what people do with their day.

If you do not work Like I had not for months and months..months prior to this month or the month before

Tell me what you had done last or what you do as a profession.
Submitted by BoneRemake
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I wake up, drive ten kilometers to a shop.

Generally get into one of two trucks that tow either a directional drill, or a trailer with a gas line reel and a mini-excavator.

Sometimes I drive a small bulldozer to tow a bigger gas line trencher. Sometimes I operate the Excavator(s) and I operate the directional drill whenever we do a job that requires it.

I generally enjoy my day.
written by BoneRemake

I am a software quality assurance (SQA) tester. I break your stuff like VS!
written by ant

I wake up at 5:45am and drive 24 (or sometimes 23) minutes to work. I'm always the first one in the office so I get to enjoy solitude and silence for a couple of hours.

I am a software architect and implement systems from bottom to top and from back-end to front. I sit in front of two computer screens for my entire work day before heading home, usually at 2:30pm.

There I spend the rest of the day with my wife and 1.5 children, then put the boy in bed at 7:00pm, and at about 10:00pm start working on my contract software projects. I recline with my laptop on my lap as I work until 1:00-3:00am depending on the night (and how hard Mr. Sandman is punching my eyes shut).

Creating software and seeing it in action is my passion and I love everything about it. The only difficult part of my work is not having enough time in the day for it now that I'm a parent (and Harry Chapin's "Cat's in the Cradle" starts looping in my head when I even consider working instead of spending time with my boy).
written by lucky760

I work hard at hardly working.

On a less facetious note, I am a stay at home mom, but the clock is ticking down on that. My son turns 3 in August and starts pre-school. I've been putting off college for 10 years now. Got accepted to IUPUI and I've been dragging my feet on that, but I want to do sound engineering. Job security? What's that.
written by UsesProzac

i wake up around 8 AM. then I watch colbert report, read a book, masturbate, drink coffee, have a smoke. I go to my office, which is 200 yards from my flat, at around 10 AM. I do some stupid shit on my computer, write a few emails, but soon get bored and piss off to town to have a capucino and maybe eat something. then I usually visit my friend that owns a clothing and ganja smoking accessories store where we enjoy our smoke, drink coffee and talk for a while. if I have stuff to do, I go back to my office. if not, I sit on my bike and pay a visit to my favorite watering hole where i down a beer or a shot of tullamore. afternoons i spend at home, do some stuff I ahven't done at my office, but mostly just watch movies and tv series I download from piratebay. then i go riding my bike somewhere up in the surrounding hills. sometimes I go flying with my paraglider, if the weather's fine. evening's I spend smokinh ganja and drinking beer while watching game of thrones and masturbating to lena headey. life's boring

well, ok, last week we started a music festival that lasts until the end of summer, so almost every evening I ahve to attend different gigs, which is a pain in the ass

nah, I love my job
written by kulpims

Well I get up at about 7:00 and then make my way to work (about a 35 minute drive). I work for a University (and have for close to 15 years) as a Systems Administrator. I get to try to juggle all of the different systems we have in place and keep everything operational as well as impliment the many new projects we have on the go.

I enjoy my work and it's full of challenges which keeps me from getting bored.

The rest of my time is taken up with my wife and nine year old son.
written by Zifnab

I work as a SharePoint Consultant (although my background is .Net web development). Half the time I work from home, the other half I drive between 30 minutes and an hour to go on-site with clients. Sometimes I build things for them that they don't have the in-house talent to build. Sometimes we just talk about the best ways to build things, and they go build it themselves. I spend a lot of time talking and writing about information architecture and best-practice.

Every day I go to lunch. I enjoy lunch immensely.

In the evenings I hang out with my son and wife, play video games, watch movies, read books.
written by KnivesOut

I work as a game programmer, mainly in UI. We work in Unity3D with C#.

I get up at 8(ish), brush my teeth and take the bus to work. Get in at 9, set down and work on awesome stuff. At 17 (5 PM for you 12h types) I go back home and play starcraft or diablo or @lann.
written by gwiz665

Lets see...
After a solid 5-6 hours sleep...
I'm up at 6 a.m. Out the door by 7:15 and in my desk by 7:45.
I work at a college as a Graphics designer. I design everything for campuses in five different towns.
-I design but am not limited to posters, fliers, newspaper and magazine ads, brochures and booklets, t-shirts, bookmarks, vehicle on-lays, and just about anything that you can think of that can be printed including stickers, water bottles and other promotional media.
-I also spend a lot of time designing graphics and fixing web pages on the college's current website as well as an entire site redesign for our 20,000 page website.

Then I go home, cook dinner, clean house and/or, put the kids to bed and then stay up for free-time till 12 or 1 o'clock a.m.

Then repeat
written by Sagemind

Monday, Thursday and Sunday, I wake up whenever I want, and leave for work at about 4:30 to start my shift at 5:30 as a line cook. Those three days I'm "Pre-close", so for about 3 hours I stay in my section and cook food in an oven (Things like Quesadillas, Nacho platters, etc.) Then around 8ish, we start getting rid of the other cooks and I take over two more sections, fryers (cook things like chicken wings / fingers / coconut shrimp, etc.) and Pantry (Mostly salads and deserts) until around 10:30, when I have to start cleaning my half of the line (the three sections I mentioned) and then I'll be done anywhere between 11-1AM depending on how busy the night was.

On Friday and Saturday, I work splits. I'll have to wake up at 11 AM, shower etc. And leave by about 11:30, it takes me about 8 minutes to get to the restaurant and once there, I start clearing out the dish pit, once that's under control I'll either head on line and help out cooking with the lunch rush or go back and help out our prep department. If I'm helping prep, I'll either prepare food for later use in the night, or portion something that's already been made. That'll last anywhere between 1-4 PM, giving me a break before the second half of my split starts at 5, where I'll come back and work until it's less busy, and will be cut anywhere between 7-10 PM.
written by Shepppard

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