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I was curious if anyone knows the differences between HD Vimeo and HD 720 YouTube? Is there a difference or is it exactly the same? Are there other things that go into the video other than just resolution? I always seem to think vimeo looks better, but it may be a preconceived bias my brain makes true.
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The YouTube bitrate for live encoding is published on the google support page titled Live encoder settings, bitrates and resolutions
Resolution: 1280x720
Video Bitrate Range: 1,500 - 4,000 Kbps

The normal encoder is likely to use better compression to reduce the bitrate while maintaining similar quality (in theory anyway) at the cost of not being realtime (after you upload a vid it takes a while before the encoding is finished and all resolutions are available).

According to the normal youtube encoder is limited to 3Mbps for 720p, but Vimeo is limited to 10Mbps (similar to a DVD).

What the higher bitrate means depends on how fast your internet connection is. If your connection speed is between 3Mbps and 10Mbps then this means that yt 720 will play without buffering, but Vimeo will stop. If your connection is 10Mbps or higher then the higher bitrate means nicer looking video with less compression artefacts.

Here's a bitrate comparison 2Mbps vs 5Mbps vs 10Mbps from the Aussie YouTube channel Tech YES City

YT is actually limited to 8Mbps for 1080p so for certain videos, with lots of motion for instance, the Vimeo 720p would be higher quality than YT 1080p.
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We need 4K and 8K, and faster pipes.
written by ant

The Slow Mo Guys have uploaded 4K videos to YouTube. Here's one:
written by dotdude

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