VideoSift v6 (VS6) Beta Front Page
It's been about 6 months since we launched our VS6 beta single-video page and we've finally now launched our new beta homepage.

As before, logged-in members have the option to disable this new beta version if desired, but we encourage everyone to at least give the new layout a few days of regular use if not to fall in love with it at least to give us some quality, informed feedback.

The new video listing is intended to be much more information dense and feel more community-oriented, and we feel it achieves those goals rather well and is a huge improvement over the VS5 homepage. We also wanted to bring back some of the essence of the much loved very-blue layout of VS4.

Let us know your thoughts below, and as always with changes in software bugs/issues are to be expected so feel free to let us know if anything seems broken.

Submitted by lucky760
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Well there's one issue right off the bat. I was about to *frontpage this when I realized that isn't implemented in the new layout yet. I'll be working on that.

It's working now.
written by lucky760

Printing this post atop the VideoSift homepage - frontpage requested by lucky760.
written by siftbot

Thanks Lucky, it's a great update with just a hint of nostalgia for VideoSift of yore. Love it.
written by dag

Obviously I've been hungering for fuller access to the new navigation bar, with all its sexy live content, and that's great.

Haven't we lost a lot of information again? Who wants to have to click on every video's thumbnail to see its length, channels, views, tags and so on. Presumably the loss of the ability to display a video's comments without the need to visit its page isn't a permanent excision.

And have you started piling up a lot of buttockry on the bottom of the page again? 'Top Sifters of the Week', not interested, 'Top New Comments', sure, in the sidebar.

My ardency for the beta video page is undiminished, but there's little so far that I see to recommend the new front page, save its access to the excellent top bar.
written by gorillaman

Home page is missing a HTML's title tag.
written by ant

One of the first things I do whenever I set up a clean install of Windows is to set the default view for every folder to "details".

A single column of content allows me to cycle the content through my stationary point of focus. I can stare at a fixed spot and just let my free-scroll mouse wheel do the work. Which is simply great for quickly browsing for interesting content.

Multiple columns of content, however, force me to scan by constantly changing my point of focus. The new design does precisely that, it makes me devote much more time to every single entry unless I reduce the tab's width to intentionally force the layout to organise its content in a single column.

But it's the same issue for almost every news site out there, so I guess I'm just too old for this shit. /rant
written by radx

I don't deal well with change. =)

In all seriousness, I do miss the single column. The new format feels like I'm looking at too much at the same time. That's just how I see, I also don't like change. =)
written by Bruti79

"Change!" --Obama
written by ant

You only need to reduce the width of your window a bit and it'll go back to single column. (also @radx)
written by oritteropo

It reverts to single column at around 1200px or 60% width, but I'm not going to alternate between fullscreen and windowed for a single site.

An option for a single column layout would be rather nice, particularly a minimalistic one.
written by radx

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