VideoSift Wins "Best Video Aggregator" from PC World

Holy smokes! We couldn't ask for a better Xmas present. PC World today named us one of the most useful sites on the Web, picking the Sift over other notable sites like Digg, Vdiddy and Dabble.

Thanks James, Lucky and all the Sifters who make this place such a consuming passion for us all. [sloppy eggnog kiss] I love you guys.

Update: The Feb PC World is on the racks. Pick one up, or at least thumb through it at your local Barnes & Noble / Borders.
Submitted by dag
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Wow, that's fabulous! Congrats to everyone who has made this place so cool.
written by mlx

EXCELLENT! We ROCK! Great job you guys!
written by firefly

I'm doing a tom cruise risky business style dance at the moment....

Hey, it's like 8:40 a.m. here, it's ok that I am rocking out in my pajamas.

Also thanks to EVERYONE who made this possible. We would just be a lot of shiny web 2.0 without you guys.
written by James Roe

woot!!! *high fives all around*
written by LadyBug

Cool - now we can start asking dag and the rest of the staff if we can borrow money.
written by theo47

If you click the image in the article you can see it's one of dotdude's posts. how'd he DO that?!
written by firefly

Woo! And we didn't even have to vote to make this happen!
written by maudlin

That is fantastic. I'm glad Santa came early for you guys. You deserve it!
written by swampgirl

Nice - well done everyone
written by fastfret79


Thanks Dag and James for creating this place and thanks to all you wonderful Sifters who help make this such an enjoyable homepage away from home! Of course an enormous thanks to PC WORLD for the award. It was an honor just to be nominated!

written by lucky760

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