The Great VideoSift Coming -Out Thread
No, not like that, Blankfist.

But like this: We've seen the "what's your screen name mean" thread and the "what's your avatar" thread.

The idea here is to get to know the people behind those names and avatars. I think it would be cool for members to write a short paragraph about themselves - where they live, what they do(for a living), and what they do for fun.

So come one, come all, and share those stories!
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I'd like to *sticky this for the weekend, if y'all don't mind. I think it could get interesting.

And I'll start - As my profile says, I'm Kyle and I hail from the great state of Maine - where the natural beauty has yet to be ravaged in about 90% of the state. I work for a company called Compounding Solutions, where I make - you guessed it - compounds. While they're usually plastic, sometimes it rubber.

For fun, I frequent VideoSift (duh) play computer games, and when the weather is nice, I love to be outdoors, either biking, hiking, swimming fishing or kayaking.
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Stickying this post at the top of Sift Talk - sticky requested by MarineGunrock.
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Good idea - I think we had a delurking thread a long time ago -but we're due for another.
written by dag

Cool idea.

By day my name's Nicki (and that's not necessarily a girl's name, thank you very much) and I was born and raised on a god-forsaken rock called Bornholm, Denmark. I'm 24 years old and attend Information Studies at Aarhus University and have just finished the second year.

For fun I also visit videosift, and for some reason it has become the center of gravity on my web experience. Other than that, I have a website concerning computers, primarily hardware, in danish called but I've been terribly lazy/busy, so it's been a while since it's been updated. (A side note, I've recently turned in a paper on refreshing and renewing the site with web 2.0 paradigms, which was very inspired by the sift, but I've yet to defend it and get a grade.) I play World of Warcraft, see, and I play Magic the Gathering - and yes, I wear glasses.

In theory I like being outdoors too, but it's rare that I actually do it. In the summer I always go home to my island for vacation, which is a nice break from my studies. Nothing beats lying on a beach all day.

By night, they call me Batman.
written by gwiz665

My name is Ty, I was born in Minnesota and raised just about everywhere else, but I always consider that state my home. I'm currently working with an architecture firm and have started my own little side business, which I hope will soon become my main source of income.

I visit Videosift way more then is healthy. I am a outdoor freak, my ideal week long vacation is getting dropped off in the middle of a forest with nothing more then basic survival tools and the clothes on my back. Then finding my way back to civilization.

My wife and I just had a little boy about two weeks ago and it's prevented my nighttime vigilante activities.
written by gorgonheap

My name is Renato. I´m 'pregnant' of my first daughter, which we´ll call Lucia.
I´m 33, age of dead christs.
I have two cats, Mao-Tse-Tung and Lacan , who brighten my days and nights.
They like to break things.

I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil and am a partner at a 3D animation company, TSI, doing work mostly for advertising and architecture.
I´m originally a journalist, but went to grad school in NY, on the (in)famous ITP - Intergalactic Telecommunications Program, or something similar. I miss NY.

I like to write when I am procrastinating more serious work, but videosift is getting in the way of that. I love to snowboard, despite the fact that after a motorcycle crash and some time at the hospital, the doctor forbid me. Still I went for ten days at Whistler and after two months I was back at being almost ok. Worth it. Now I sold the bike to pay for all those diapers to come.
(queue music: Gogol Bordello - Undestructable)
written by NeuralNoise

^hey Renato ~ I grew up as a missionary's daughter in Campinas, S.P. Brasil! (am agnostic now, for the record) Hope to go back to south america some day. As an MK, from the ages of 8-16 my family ran an orphanage, a Baptist seminary, and my Dad flew a Cessna back and forth into Matto Grosso and Minas Gerais "preaching to the indians". (I went w/ him a few times) I went to EAC, then when we returned to the U.S. I hopped around from Michigan, Texas, Alabama in high school.
I had two beautiful kids during my brief stint (4 years) as the wife of an abusive dude who happened to be in the U.S. Marine Corps. (So I know what military family life is like, big time.)
Upon getting out of that mess, I served as the live-in caretaker to a disabled retired psychotherapist. That lasted about 4 years, and was quite an interesting experience which I will not elaborate on here...suffice it to say that I ended up moving to Silver City, NM with said person and meeting the man of my dreams less than a year upon arriving. I have started and stopped my college education more times than I can count along the way, and still haven't finished! (Was headed for medical school!)
With that, I am currently homeschooling my son, helping my hubby with his business (link on my profile page) making reproductions of pre-colombian psychoacoustical whistling vessels, sewing/designing clothes (which is my passion), gardening, and hanging out on the sift!
You are all awesome, and I enjoy your comments!
written by laura

I'm happy to see you finally came out of the gun cabinet, there, gunner. We all had our suspicions.

I'm Heaficus Coillcumhann Weorthmerlow Esquire the Third, but everyone just calls me Harasshole... or Heath. To make money, I work as a freelance Flash Developer. I live in Los Angeles, right now, but I'm originally from a little speck on the map called Graham, North Carolina. I just finished a film, which some of you already know about, and I'm currently showing it around trying to get some buzz behind it. I hope to someday move to Wilmington, NC and get out of LA.

I speak eighty different languages; twenty three of them dead. I have a Guiness World Record for most jumps on a pogo stick: current record is 56,381 jumps. I invented Gobots and Al Gore, so that kind of makes me the original creator of the internets, don't it? I also invented Life cereal. You're welcome. Rottenseed is my sock puppet. I buy batteries in bulk. Let's see, what else? Oh! The answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything is NOT 42. That's preposterous. It's 42.3728. Use this knowledge gingerly and sparingly.

And, lastly, when gwiz665 is around at night, I tend to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight. Just saying.
written by blankfist

I actually already say my piece on my profile page, to wit:

Single white male, straight, now in his dirty thirties; Canadian, Quebecker, Montrealer; reservist infantryman, civilian air pilot, university student (edit: in History and Poli Sci). Likes: motorcycle riding, pints at the pub, being late to school. Dislikes: climate change, peak oil, running out of milk.

To that I'll add this: name's Jon, pleased to meetcha.
written by calvados

I suppose I can join in the fun... Hello everyone, I'm mike sol (short for my real name)... I'm 20 years old, I go to UTEP (University of Texas El Paso) and my part time job is telemarketing for AT&T wireless...

My user name MAS8705 has a long history behind it for this has always been a user name I have had since I was young... My sister set it up for me and since then I have like the sound of it and how it was put together... the part MAS is actually my initials Mike Austin Sol... I like my initials and its fun to spell it out... the part 87 was the year I was born and finally the part 05 was the year I graduated from high school... While I do have other user names I use in other places (TheMASterblader on XBOX live) I have been happy with my original user name...

As for my avatar, so far I have had three of them (planing on making/using more...) When I first started, I had a picture of Kenshin from the anime since I was a fan of the anime (along with others) and always love the idea of swordplay... My second avatar was my version of the "why so serious" Joker, I admit I got the idea from Lucky when he turned his Lucky avatar into the Joker and decided to make one of my own, it actually came out well, considering I'm not that artistic yet... And finally the one I'm using now is Homer as Kratos, God of War... This was off of a site for Mugen and was from a guy named Warner, I thought this was the perfect avatar to have since everyone loves Homer and furthers the idea that I'm the Video Game Expert of Videosift (now if I could just take over the channel)..

As for my next avatar, well I'm sure I'll figure something out soon...
written by mas8705

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