Talk Around Town About VideoSift
Although we try not to spend too much time mirror gazing, VideoSift is getting some nice mentions around the blogosphere that we thought we would share. This nice article in René Seifert's Blog asks "Videosift: Is it the way we'll watch "TV" in the future?" The answer? No. We won't have a TV. ; )

Also, a quick mention in Micro Persuasion - and thanks to Ant, an almost daily link from the popular gaming site Blue's News

We're coming up on our 2 month monthiversary on the 16th, and we are about to break into the top 2,000 sites on Technorati (OK, I know, artificial status)

It's been a very surreal journey for James and I. Thanks for coming along - and thanks for gelling into one of the coolest, switched on communities around. OK, enough emotion, don't want to get maudlin and misty-eyed.

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Also, a nice mention of VideoSift by Bruce Sterling here.

written by alowicious

nice. ya know, i'd like to know a little more about ... whoever is running this site. dag and james, i presume? where are you all?
written by sfjocko

I suppose we could divulge a little information. I am based out of Clemson SC, a rural university town, near Greenville SC. Oddly enough I'm actually a French and International Trade major, but I will no doubt be doing work somewhere in the computer industry, most likely working on web sites as you might have guessed. Dag is located in the Gold Coast in Australia, about 100 km south of Brisbane, with his wife and two beautiful children. He is a web developer by trade and started this project up as a bit of an exercise in coding as well as a great way to replace his television with quality clips from the Internet.

The site was Dag's brainchild and I through the grace of god came across it on its first day of activity via . I then realized that it was actually the project of a fellow Metafilter member, dag, and posted it to Mefi. This led to a dialog via email between me and Dag, and through the course of that dialog I was lucky enough to get involved with this project.

Despite having never met each other face to face we have since branched out into working together on various other web projects as well as the increasingly time consuming job of administering VideoSift. Fortunately our vastly different time zones pretty much allow us to monitor this burgeoning community 24/7. We spend a lot of time talking to each other about possible improvements to the site, as well as deciding how to deal fairly with the occasional miscreant.

In terms of other random info I'm definitely the younger team member with only a paltry 22 years under my belt, however I have been on the Internet since I was 8 years old and actively involved in programming and web development since about 14. Dag just turned 37 yesterday and has been developing web sites for the Interweb since 1995, when he started developing them in Osaka, Japan.

If you have any other questions I can do my best to fill in some information for you, but I hope this at least gives you some sense of whom your lowly proprietors are and perhaps humanizes us in some small way.
written by James Roe

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