Start YouTube Video At Specific Time
Google Blogoscoped blog has a tip on starting videos at a specific time.

I thought it would be useful for some videos, such as the popular "5th grade reporter asks Joe Biden "What a does a VP do?" where the pertinent point of the video is 3m45s (or 225 seconds) in to the video.

Essentially you add:
to two parts of the embed code of the video after:

I've posted an example of it working here, where I start the video 15 seconds in:

I know it's a bit technical, but I've come across some videos that would greatly benefit from this tweak. Perhaps those who are familiar with embed tweaking can give this tip in some comments to the videos.

Just a thought.
Submitted by doogle
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Example code here (not posted in post above, as it was making the post coding all quirky):

EDIT: WEIRD! It's up there, I can see it! I've bolded the inserted code (&start=225) but it just disappears! WEIRD!
written by doogle

yeah! great feature, saw it explained in an article on
would be nice to also be able to specify an ending time. (maybe it works already with &stop=335 ? never tried it)

btw, in the article they mention that it wont work in links, youtube does however allow deeplinking to a certain time in a video:
written by paul4dirt

Nice, didn't even know that was possible. You're absolutely right, I sifted a couple of videos I wished I could've started on a specific time. *quality
written by campionidelmondo

Awarding doogle with one star point for this contribution to Sift Talk - declared quality by campionidelmondo.
written by siftbot

The video starts at the beginning for me.
written by jimnms

Yeah - turns out that example was better starting at the beginning.

I've edited another video in my PQueue instead to start at 15 seconds in.
written by doogle

Awesome tip. This is great for skipping over lame intros.
written by jonny

Some videos may not have the "fs=1" parameter, because the embed code was grabbed before that parameter was included.
(sorry, I'm not going to waste my time out of curiosity figuring out what it does).

2 options:
  • Re-grab the embed code and repaste
  • Try out placing &start=## before the close quotation marks ("), see if it works, and update us.

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    written by doogle

    Excellent. Thanks.
    Saved the human race 5 minutes of watching Karel:
    written by burdturgler

    At one time Lucky was filtering the extra codes so it wasn't possible to get by the filter. It used to be only google video has time shifting.

    It would be good if youtube allows this. Let's hope it doesn't screw up the Already Submitted filter.
    written by joedirt

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