SiftQuisition -MrFisk -DrAlcibiades & The Absence of Reason
Besides "fuck videosift":
a rickroll:
a snuff film:
a clear case of upvoting only one person:

.. what the fuck does it take to get banned from here?
Why .. after they post a snuff flick are they not banned? Mr Fisk is this a friend of yours? Why is it OK for a member (probationary or otherwise) to just vote for one person? Why did you vote for his snuff flick and his other submission right after he posted it (or at all)?
Explain it to me.
Submitted by ashes2flames
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Good call. Voting pattern is def. suspect .. lucky has the ip logs for sockpuppet detection no doubt. Based on the snuff vid/comment, doesn't seem like they'd be missed.
written by winkler1

Yeah, I think MrFisk has a heavy burden of proof to meet right now.
written by Tofumar

I already invoked a * ban on DrAlcibiades, so someone else can second it and dispose of him. However the case of Mr. Fisk is a different matter. Can we have an admin verify the IP logs on these two accounts, or at least determine how far apart their votes were on Mr. Fisk's videos? If they came closely together then it's probably good enough for a ban.

Mr. Fisk joined around the same time when the whole sock puppet scare took place, so he should know full well the consequences of sock puppetry. One man's opinion.
written by kronosposeidon

Kronos and I just banned him. Hopefully this makes up for our votes for him.

Dr. Al has burned his return privies.
written by swampgirl

At first I assumed that DrA voted up all of Mr Fisk's videos out 'gratitude' as Fisk voted up DrA's original video first, but as ashes said he was the fist to vote up all of DrA's videos. This defiantly warrants a siftquisition.
written by 10835

Well, its a tad unfortunate that someone introduce themselves on the sift with snuff but judging by his commens and general behaviour, I think he was just looking for trouble..

I would have banned him too, but i was asleep....

I discarded his PQ video
it had the tags
puppies, gay, fuck videosift, stupid, wtf

Not welcome here
written by Zonbie

Good call - constant vigilance!

[/ Madeye moody]
written by dag

Siftquisition: It works bitches.
written by randomize

Gone for a couple a days and y'all drop a pair of righteous bombs, that's the spirit!!!
Thanks must be offered up, to the inspiration for the siftquisition.....Jeff Hoard, professional blogger muckraker!, extraordinaire!!!!
written by choggie

WTF? My videos are hella dope! I've been providing solid, quality embeds since I've joined. Prove me wrong. (Don't mention that Templars vid though). So, what exactly am I defending myself against? Do tell. I'd be much obliged.
written by MrFisk

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