Pumkinandstorm has reached RUBY!!

Once again, @pumkinandstorm shows us she's a force to be reckoned with by reaching RUBY status within our community in less than three months. All hail the Canadian sift GODDESS.
Submitted by Barseps
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It is quite a phenomenal and certainly unprecedented accomplishment to achieve Ruby in under 3 months. I can hardly believe it! (I'm probably just jealous because it took me years. )

The Sift has really seen a lot of fantastic content thanks to all your contributions these past few months. I wouldn't be surprised if you become our next Galaxy member.

Congratulations, you massive pillar of sift! (By the way, I think you did a great job writing and directing Yeardley!)
written by lucky760

YAY! Congrats!!!!
written by mintbbb

Thanks for this very kind post Barseps! These past 3 months on the sift have been a blast for me. No other video site can even compare! Most of all I love the people here. Thanks everyone for making this such a great place to spend my time! Love you guys!
written by pumkinandstorm

Whoa! That's an incredibly rapid rise to your first shiny gemstone. Congratulations!!
written by Hybrid

I'm humbled by your peerless rise to Rubydom. Way to go @pumkinandstorm!!!
written by UsesProzac

written by dotdude

written by pumkinandstorm

Awarding Barseps with one star point for this contribution to VideoSift - declared quality by pumkinandstorm.
written by siftbot

DAMN! it took me over 5 years to achieve ruby status. i guess in 2 months you will be diamond. keep up the excellent work dear.
written by lurgee

I'd like to congratulate both Pumkin AND Storm. Well done and thanks for all of your contributions to the Sift.
written by dag

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