Privatization turned The Learning Channel into Honey-Boo-Boo
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Romney in the first debate with Obama and the GOP for years have called for PBS to be defunded for many reasons but they hate it’s left wing educational content and the fact its financed by the tax payer (so they claim, I think they hate it because it tilts leftwards).

But a public funded example of PBS being privatized existed before. What can we learn from that?

People forget or did not know that once upon a time The Learning Channel was founded in 1972 by the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare and NASA as an informative/instructional network focused on providing real education through the medium of TV; it was distributed at no cost by NASA satellite. Then it was privatized in 1980 (Reaganism) and was then named the Appalachian Community Service Network. In November 1980 this name was changed to “The Learning Channel”, which was subsequently shortened to “TLC.” From then on we have a sad decline to the abomination of child and poverty exploitation of the TLC’s current hit freak show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”.

The channel back then mostly featured documentary content pertaining to nature, science, history, current events, medicine, technology, cooking, home improvement and other information-based topics. Low ratings and low profits. Smarts don’t sell.

By the early 1990s, The Learning Channel was a sister channel to the Financial News Network (FNN) which owned 51 percent of the channel with Infotechnology Inc. After FNN went into bankruptcy in 1991, the Discovery Channel’s owners went into talks of buying The Learning Channel. An agreement was made with FNN and Infotech to buy their shares for million. The non-profit Appalachian Community Service Network owned 35 percent of the network, and was also bought out.

The Learning Channel continued to focus primarily on instructional and educational programming through much of the ’90s but began to air shows less focused on education and more themed towards popular consumption and mass marketing; these would be later expanded.

In 1998 the channel began to distance itself from its original name “The Learning Channel”, and instead began to advertise itself only as “TLC”.

So when Mitt Romney and the Republicans talk about how much better off PBS would be de-funded and privatized, remember what privatization did to TLC and how TLC went from NASA beaming information into student classrooms to the disgraceful programs it runs today (many of which exploit children).

I am not saying we should not be capitalists and should be against the for profit model - but we should wake up from the delusion that the private sector can do it better. In some cases, the private sector does it worse and is worse.

This will be the last I will write on the Honey Boo Boo topic. I needed to vent.
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wasnt there a provision for those who sought to utilize public airwaves that they had to have so much "educational" programming in order to gain and/or retain their broadcasting license?

and isnt PBS only 40% tax-payer backed? i forgot where i read that PBS was ran on 60% donations.that the taxpayers filled in the gap/loss which averaged a 60/40 ratio.

either way you slice it,what we are seeing is political hay and nothing more.making the argument that PBS is some socialists wet dream is just bullshit.i wonder if the irony is lost on these people who wish to shut down an institution to replace it with mind-numbing,vapid staleness.creating a zombified drooling public.

or is that the actual intent? to dumb down the american public?

i would like to subscribe to that conspiracy but these retards cant get out of their own way,nevermind concoct such an elaborate scheme such as i am suggesting.

so all for the sake of political whoring we may lose an institution that has brought some of the best and ground-breaking educational programming since the mid 60's.
and the collective IQ of this country drops.
so very very sad.

sesame street came out the year i was born.i learned how to read before i hit kindergarten because of that show AND it was one of many shows that got my craving to absorb information and learn.

but i guess "future strippers of america" is more important.
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They are against all government. They make no distinction between good or bad. They live in a simplistic, black and white world where they are champions of liberty fighting against tyrants and sheep. They should check a mirror.
written by dystopianfuturetoday

I did not know the whole story before.
Thanks, dft.
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