Possible solution to accidental downvotes?
This may have been suggested before, but I didn't find anything by searching.

I have yet to accidentally downvote a video, but I've come close. I think moving the up/down vote buttons farther apart might reduce the accidental downvotes. How about something like this:

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Submitted by jimnms
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Yes, please. *quality
written by rembar

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written by siftbot

That's a pretty good idea!
written by alowicious

*quality indeed

However, I think an undo OR be able to switch vote if voter changes his/her mind! Yes, I have had that before.
written by ant

it's bad, and one can STILL hit the wrong button.

and undo would be a real solution.
written by looris

yeah. undo = mild super powers.
written by pipp3355

Knowing me, I'll still find a way to screw it up.
written by Sylvester_Ink

If you guys have any problems, you can always practice upvoting my posts!
written by karaidl

Yes, please!
written by mlx

just as it is is fine, accidents don't happen....fate
written by choggie

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