Oritteropo hits galaxy
It's been a while since we've had a Galaxy. 2,000 videos is not an easy goal - I'll probably never get there, and amazed at the dedication for those who do. I'm really happy to award this Galaxy badge to someone I've actually met in the flesh! Persephone and I met Oritteropo at a Melbourne SiftUp back in 2011. (Jeez, has it been that long?) It was a great time, and I found our @Orittoropo to be a charming, brainy guy.

As is our custom here, we've had a special badge designed for Oritteropo by our dedicated resident illustrator Chris Murphy. And of course, I've penned a, er, "special" song in Oritteropo's honour. Here's to my fellow antipodean Oritteropo, congrats on the Galaxy and thanks for your amazing dedication to the VideoSift community.

Submitted by dag
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Thanks again @Oritteropo for your dedication to this community.


Once I met a man down in Melbourne proper
We drank up some beers found some others to talk to
Then we went our seperate ways and I haven't seen him at all
But when I see his posts I hear his mournful call
You're more than an aardvark
You're more like a delphi
Your skin isn't callusy
Welcome to your galaxy.
Once I met a man and we talked into the night
We told each other secrets that will never see the light
When you got me alone and you had the chance
You pulled me aside and said "I eat ants".
Your skin isn't callusy
Welcome to your galaxy
I hope I see you one day
We'll have an Ausssie pie
Defininitely not a phallacy
To say that it's your galaxy
Thanks for all the video
This song is getting shittyo
You're not just a galaxy
But a swell Melbourne guy.
written by dag

Congrats ropo! No one is more deserving. A cornerstone of the sift for sure and just a great guy. Thanks for being a great sifter and someone who has made my time here really enjoyable. You're truly one of the good ones

And thanks dag *quality jam. Much appreciated.
written by eric3579

Awarding dag with one star point for this contribution to VideoSift - declared quality by eric3579.
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written by eric3579

Printing this post atop the VideoSift homepage - frontpage requested by eric3579.
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congrats, dude
written by kulpims

Ori! Congrats, good Sir! Thanks for making this place better.
written by iaui

Oh how I relish in a Galaxy reveal! My buddy and sift pal 'Aard' has been so helpful and kind that this one is especially delectable. Yummy

Gotta say that's a stellar job Chris Murphy did on the badge and icon. Once again ... nailed it!! Out of this realm and beyond as has come to be expected.

And @dag ... you are a star baby! First, thank you so much for the *how to pronounce* @oritteropo lesson [you don't want to know, nor can I adequately describe what I was hearing in my head]. Second, the song / video amaze and make me smile. Then again, I'm easy to please when it comes to people I've taken a shine to. I love the Sift!
written by PlayhousePals

Thanks, @dag The song, badge, and custom icon are all fantastic. Was it really 5 years since the Melbourne sift-up? Time flies.

Thanks also to Chris Murphy who has done a really oustanding job with all of the custom icons and badges, not only mine.

And finally thanks for the kind words from everyone else who commented here.
written by oritteropo


It's about time we have a new galaxy member. Welcome to the elite club, Orotteropo.
written by ant

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