NetRunner gets his crown, forcibly collectivizes peasants

VideoSift just crowned another member, brothers and sisters, and this one is a man of the people. It's none other than Sift newsman and politico NetRunner, Now many of you know that NetRunner started his meteoric rise a little over a year ago, but actually he's been here for almost 3 years. That is, if you can trust his birth certificate. In any event, he's brought us a lot of great political discussions via his video selections, and his News channel has become a valuable addition to this place. He also brought us Mrs. NetRunner, better known as mintbbb, and even though she's taking some time off she's also brought a lot of great videos to this place. They've both had a very positive impact on this place, so I'm really glad that NetRunner decided to become active.

So let's congratulate our Obamunist friend, unless you want him to send you to the gulags Obama is having built at this very moment. He's already mad with power, I tell you.
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written by kronosposeidon

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written by siftbot

Boo! *Discard! Boo!

Welcome to the kingdom, old friend. You've earned it. Now that you are royalty, you no longer have to take Obama in your mouth. You can safely spit him out now. You've won the internets.
written by blankfist

*quality post, KP.
written by blankfist

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written by siftbot

YAY! Congrats NetRunner for the well deserved crown and thanks for all the great sifts!
KP .. IOU 1 *quality!
edit .. doh blankfist shot his load already ..
written by burdturgler

Remember to show this to your DNC station head at your next performance review.

Don't think of it as a crown, think of it as a big basket.

And don't think of them as 1000 points, think of them as one thousand freshly polished apples!
written by rougy

A true pillar to this community. And a well-deserved congratulations on your shiny new diadem! Hear hear! Thanks for all your hard work, NetRunner!
written by videosiftbannedme

Congratulations on the 1000 points and the Crown!
written by MikesHL13

A very well earned and deserved crown NetRunner. It's amazing, you've amassed 31,617 total votes and managed to get 31,854 of them in the politics channel. That's a difference of -237! You are the king of politics, so much so the politics channel just gives you extra votes (237 so far). You have siftbot working campaigning for you somehow.

Keep up the great work.

written by Zifnab

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