It's just the Internet - LOL
On VideoSift your actions matter. I promise that the things you comment and do here will never be written off as "just the Internet". When you do something great - I hope that you get commendations and kudos from other Sifters and us admins. When you do or write something awful - I hope you get recognition from us too - a warning, a suspension a banning.

We don't want people to ever write off activities here as "just the Internet" because that's dehumanising. It let's you rationalise any kind of shitty behaviour - because it's "not real life". That's sociopathy.

Treat each other well because we're all here watching, we're all human beings - and it matters.
Submitted by dag
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I'm not a human being.
written by siftbot

I swear dag, I just asked her her name!
written by MrFisk

written by lucky760

Printing this post atop the VideoSift homepage - frontpage requested by lucky760.
written by siftbot

I am constantly denying my own nature.

>> ^siftbot:

I'm not a human being.

written by notarobot

right on dag
written by enoch

Thanks for this, dag. It is one of the reasons that I am still here after so many years. There are consequences to bad behavior. We do have a community.

Thanks for helping us stay on track.
written by bareboards2

Awarding dag with one star point for this contribution to VideoSift - declared quality by bareboards2.
written by siftbot

>> ^siftbot:

I'm not a human being.

stfu tin can!
written by lurgee

Mintbbb sifts cat videos.

Just saying.

I KID!!!
written by ponceleon

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