I'm a little disappointed in VideoSift
After carefully examining the votes and voting pattern on my Top 5 video, I'm positive that the recent attacks on my video caused it undo harm. Were it not for the repeatedly juvenile channel reassignments, I'm confident that the video could have broken the Top 3, and most likely gone to #1. Clearly, the number of upvotes were severely reduced at the initiation of said attacks.

It has also come to my attention that several people purposely withheld their votes on my Top 5 video until the unfortunate turmoil happened regarding the video. Then they downvoted the highly newsworthy video. This is pretty clear evidence of a personal bias which has no place on Videosift.

Furthermore, multiple people pledged to never again upvote any of my videos. Now, as well all know, I have contributed some fine videos to the sift in my day, so these outlandish vows not only reflect poorly upon these users, but also malign the fair and balanced nature of Videosift, which is to vote upon content, not submitter.

I expect that you can all be adults, and not mess with the channel assignments on this post. Thank you.
Submitted by CaptainPlanet420
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I don't care. You are untrustworthy. The next time you post something, you might just change the whole thing out to make all upvoters look like child murderers or something.

I vote no confidence.
written by gwiz665

written by paul4dirt

Captain, you've been here a while now. You should know that the sift is not an unbiased place. Videos get downvoted for all sorts of reason. Even the title of a video can affect the votes either way. I'm not saying that you're lying. I'm just saying that it happens either way. We all have to deal with it in some way or another.

Besides, you seem to think of yourself as some sort of sift revolutionary. Which means you have to be willing to deal with adversity.

This place is by no means perfect.
written by Ryjkyj

^like real life, eh.
written by gwiz665

They weren't attacks. They were corrections to your continued abuse of the sift. Don't lecture people about being juvenile when you pull that douchebag move of changing title, channels, tags after people vote. And not for the first time. You wonder why people won't vote on your crap anymore after doing that?
written by burdturgler

Here is what I think of you, assrocket.
written by CaptWillard

>> ^CaptWillard:
Here is what I think of you, assrocket.

Hey, great to see you back, son. I see some huge comment. Can anyone summarize it for me? I can't read anything that long, I'm currently off my ADHD meds....thx in advance.
written by CaptainPlanet420

.. .-.
..(\ /)
. .-'-.
.. / \
. \ | /
.. \|/
.. /|\
.. \|/
written by bamdrew

Leave him alone guys, he's probably only 15. Seriously.
written by laura

written by thinker247

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