You might be wondering how I got here. Well, I'll tell you how it happened. I was looking for places to also upload my videos, and I'm planning on making a web series on here. But the problem with my plan is I'm not allowed to "promote myself." I can't put my plan into action if I'm not allowed to upload my own videos to here. Hopefully you guys can change this so I can upload my videos. I won't be advertising on the talk page, let alone the entire community.
Submitted by FrischProductions
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The 'No Self Posting' rule has been in effect since the sites beginnings, so it's unlikely to change.

I believe there is a way to have your own video posted via a promotional payment, @lucky760 may be able to help you there.
written by Fantomas

@FrischProductions - As @Fantomas explained and as you read, the prohibition on self-promotion is a cornerstone in the foundation of VideoSift.

This is not something that will change. You can always post a self-promotional video for a fee:

written by lucky760

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