Have I been Trumped by Google?
Posting a video to the SIFT has been impossible for me over the past 22 hours or so. First weird thing was I was logged off when I clicked on the site [I'm NEVER logged out]. Then, after attempting to submit a YT video as I usually do, I got the following error message:

This page isn’t working

Chrome detected unusual code on this page and blocked it to protect your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, and credit cards).
Try visiting the site's homepage.


I deleted my cookies and browsing history after logging out of the site. I restarted my computer and logged in again ... Now it appears that I can't post anything at all. I've tried to put up 2 other YT vids and, after verifying the embed code and filling in the form, I get the same error message when I hit submit. It doesn't appear that I'm restricted in any other way here. I haven't had any recent google updates and the site was working fine for me several hours before all of this started happening.

WTF is happening? Anyone else having issues? ... Bueller? @dag @lucky760
Submitted by PlayhousePals
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Well, that's a new one...

Have you tried a different browser, like Firefox?

Is anyone else seeing anything like this?

Nothing has changed on our end, so I'm not sure what Chrome is picking up on. Hmm...
written by lucky760

Seems this problem has affected @Mordhaus also https://videosift.com/talk/Chrome-Error-preventing-submissions. So the two sifters who provide a huge chunk of our content have been knocked out and i have to assume there may be others. I'm going to *frontpage this sifttalk as it will barely be seen if it's not.

Anyone have the skills to try and figure a fix?
written by eric3579

Printing this post atop the VideoSift homepage - frontpage requested by eric3579.
written by siftbot

This seems to be a false positive issue on chromes end for some days.
Saw some logs from admins reporting the same for the current version of chrome post 04032017. Also, there were false positives due to a bug some time ago.

It can result from taking up malformed parts of the page due to missing / unbound variables etc. and interpreting it as modified site content. Even perfectly fine content can be misinterpreted in certain circumstances.

example of older false positive bug: empty attribute in form header
<form method="POST" action=>

Try using another browser for the time being.

Do not disable protective measures. It is however possible that indeed parts of your page were modified by browser plugins and or wanted or unwanted additions to your system. If in question perform a scrubbing on your system via a bootable system if desired.
written by coffeejerk

I've done everything you have @PlayhousePals and I'm dead in the water also. I'll keep trying for a while, not really keen on using Firefox.
written by Mordhaus

Why would you prefer chrome over firefox?
Just asking because I do not have a preference after opera dropped out of my sweet spot.
written by coffeejerk

For those with Chrome issues, how about a new OS account and retrying Chrome from scratch to see if it is related the old Chrome and OS' datas?
written by ant

It's more a matter of preference than anything. I like how chrome displays certain sites and it has a couple of extensions that I really like.
written by Mordhaus

@Mordhaus and @PlayhousePals what version of Chrome and OS are you running?
Have you tried submitting from incognito mode or Chrome's guest profile?
When you open Chrome's dev console, what errors/messages do you see there?
written by mxxcon

Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit, fully updated. Version 57.0.2987.133 of Chrome. Tried submitting from incognito and guest profile. No errors in dev console tab.

Edit: Also downloaded canary (dev/test version of chrome) as suggested by chrome support. same error.
written by Mordhaus

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