Has Videosift become aggressive?
It seems to me that lately the most upvoted comments have been a bit aggressive. Examples from just now:

2. Wow, that's just fucking disgusting. Nevermind the... by budzos
3. Die in a fire, bitch.... by therealblankman
4. Fucking little "i've got tits i can do what i want" slappers ... by dannym3141

is this a general trend that the rest of you have noticed?

Do you guys and gals need a hug or something, because I'm all for sharing the love.

Submitted by gwiz665
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What the fuck are you talking about????
written by maatc

Oh? shut. up.

written by swampgirl

becoming not aggressive enough....

*note to self
kill them all with the gas....
written by choggie

Motherfucker wants to get his THROAT CUT.
written by Sarzy

Light on fire, fucker.
written by Irishman

yeah, what the fucker before me said
written by kulpims

Why can't everyone just be Shiny Happy People?
written by Zifnab

I'm waving around BOTH middle fingers!! And I downvoted Zifnab's good intentions!!
written by critttter

Maybe it's me, but there also seems to be more videos being posted that incite rage. A lot of political attacks and racism/injustice have caused people to be a little more vulgar from my calculations. I hearby propose a Cute-Athon to lift off all this bad karma...you ignorant fucking fleshpeddeler (i like bandwagons).

Can bronzies *quality?

guess not
written by guessandcheck

Invocations (quality) cannot be called by guessandcheck because guessandcheck is not privileged - sorry.
written by siftbot

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