Happy 8th Siftiversary

This is the second version of this post I've written. The first one was titled "You Won't Believe the One Crazy Thing That Happened on VideoSift's 8th Siftiversary". It was complete shit. The title was an allusion to click-bait sites and "viral" titles. The post had lots of clever digs at sites like Upworthy and Viral Nova. But what's the point.

The truth is that I'm very proud of VideoSift. It's the thing that I talk about if people ask "what do you do?" at a barbeque. Outside of my family - it's the best thing that I've ever started. It's this big deal that, even though I have little to do with on a daily basis - I get to point at and say "I started that". Me. me. me. It's fucking great. I put a damn VideoSift sticker on the back of my car and I drink from a VideoSift mug.

So I'd like to thank everyone who has made VideoSift possible -and in turn made me feel like a proud SOB. I hope that I've been at least a benevolent founder - and to many of you, a friend.

Thank you to everyone who makes this place a real community. The posters, the *promoters, the *banners and crazy commenters. I know there are other sites you spend time at - me too. But I'm really happy that we have a core group of dedicated Sifters who make this place great.

I like that people sometimes don't "get" VideoSift for a while. The crazy badges, in-jokes, history, regulars and problems. I like the rich complexity that we've built together - and I've come to realise it's not a common commodity on the Internet. So instead of snarking at other newer sites that have sprung up during our 8 years of existence- right now I choose to revel in the amazing thing that we've all built together- a unique entity that cannot be replaced or duplicated. VideoSift is VideoSift. We're a tautology baby.

What does the future hold for VideoSift in its 9th, 10th and 11th years? You tell me. One nice thing about VideoSift is that we're not beholden to a board, investors or any other outside parties. It's just me, @lucky760 and you guys. The people who run VideoSift are the people who know VideoSift. Most of the changes have come from the community. We can do anything. Turn VideoSift into a porn site? Sure we can do that. (though I'll be sleeping in the back of a van in a park). Only cat posts allowed? - sure and maybe we should - it works for Reddit. (zing! OK allow me one dig) I'd like to yield the floor to you all - but I may chime in with some ideas too. (when I wake up - midnight here)

Thanks again to everyone who does all the great work on VideoSift to make it a unique institution -and thanks as always to my partner in Sift @lucky760. Long live VideoSift!
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Make haste Sifty, time is short - to the @frontpage with you!
written by dag

Jeez, I have been away for a while *frontpage Sifty!
written by dag

Printing this post atop the VideoSift homepage - frontpage requested by dag.
written by siftbot

One of the crazy ideas I've often had - is to turn off member registration. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but as the real value of VideoSift is being part of a community, I feel that this privilege should be earned.
written by dag

Happy Birthday Sift

written by chicchorea

Awarding dag with one star point for this contribution to VideoSift - declared quality by chicchorea.
written by siftbot

Thanks Chicchorea - and for all your help keeping the spammers out. (just looked - holy crap - Ban police level 159!)
written by dag

Herzlichen Glückwunsch from Germurmany!

Videosift is the best site on the web. Period!
written by maatc

Yes, I will will have your love baby Maatc - (pretty sure that's the right translation).
written by dag

I was going through my bookmarks(!) yesterday. Some real old gems there. It's fun to open a few and see if the site is still there.
I guess Videosift must easily be as old, if not older, than any of those.

Congratulations to dag and lucky for creating something that's been so useful and satisfying. I've said it before, I have never been so invested in something like this. For someone who's not that into social media that's saying something. You created something special here.

As for what the site is/can become? I say don't rest on your laurels. This is still *the* place to find interesting and quality video. But like I've said before it could be better. Make it better, refine/hone and redesign if necessary.

Happy Siftiversary!
written by Deano

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