Happy 15th Birthday, VideoSift!
Hard to believe it's been 15 years since @dag kicked off this whole VideoSift project.

We've come a long way, had some ups and some downs, and we're all much older and grayer than when we started, but I for one am happy that we're still here together, alive and kicking.

Happy birthday to PC World's Best Video Aggregator of 2007!

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written by lucky760

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Wow, what a blast from the past looking through the comments in the PC World post:

Some of those folks are still with us here today, and I love each and every one of you...

🤔 I wonder what choggie is up to nowadays...

Anyone else remember choggie?
written by lucky760

Videosift is one of the last bastions of the golden age of internet content curation - so thankful for this community and here's to another 15 years!
written by blacklotus90

Wow, 15. So, what's the future of VS? I haven't been submitting videos a lot like I used to here.
written by ant

Could have sworn I'd received a "20 year" award but I guess I'm just feeling my age. GOOD JOB!!!

Edit: Yeesh, I joined June 2006. 14 frickin' years man. Seems like only yesterday I was downvoting that guy who didn't speak the good Engerpiss, and was saying stuff that some people didn't like, but actually had a good sense of humour...

Oh wait, that WAS yesterday, nevermind...
written by Payback

written by Mordhaus

Awarding lucky760 with one star point for this contribution to VideoSift - declared quality by Mordhaus.
written by siftbot

Happy birthday Sifty. Are you having a quinceanera?
written by newtboy

*clicks google*

*returns from google*

Kinda creepy that you know that. 🤨
written by BSR

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